5 Strategies to Manage Workplace Politics as a SAP Contractor

Posted on September 2018 By Speller International
Workplace Politics

​A new job, a new environment, right? Well, sort of. Yet workplace politics are more common than you think. You may have seen first-hand the workplace rumour-mill churning, or irrational outbursts, however working as a SAP contractor does not mean you’re immune to the political stuff. So how do you deal with it?
Here are 5 strategies to consider when you find yourself in a political work environment.

Pay attention to who the influencers are

Be aware of who the powerful, decision making people are and avoid getting involved in unnecessary gossiping and politics. The people gossiping usually have hidden agendas, such as searching for a promotion or looking to push someone out of their role. Stay focused on the people who make decisions and have a good understanding of your role, and what involved.

Don’t vent at work

As a contractor you may find yourself frustrated in a new workplace. They may seem less efficient than other workplaces or have processes that just don’t make sense. However, it is important not to vent these frustrations. This will cause other employees to view you as difficult, not a ‘team player’ or annoying. Remember, a good reference from your employer is critical for your next SAP move.

Don’t fuel the fire

Avoid entering any negative conversations, particularly with influencers. You can still have meaningful relationships with people in the office without joining in on negative comments. Having a positive outlook in the workplace can go a long way, even as a contractor.

Focus on your job

It is hard to ignore rumours, especially when they revolve around someone you know. Yet the worst thing you could do as a contractor is get involved in these issues. It not only will do nothing to solve the problem, it can make you look unprofessional and potentially affect your relationship with your employer. Focus on your job and you can’t go wrong.

Network, network, network

Network with the people in your company, not just the people in your immediate circle. Build relationships and don’t be scared of getting to know the people at the top. Just remember not to align yourself too closely to a certain group. This will help you avoid being the subject of office politics.

Political offices can be tricky to work in, yet if you can manage to see the positive aspects of the company and ignore the politics, it will make it easier to get on with your job. Remember, stay focused and positive and you will leave the workplace with a good reference. Here’s to hoping your next SAP move isn’t so political!

Have you been involved in any workplace politics? Let us know!