Monthly SAP Placement Trends Revealed

Posted on August 2018 By Speller International
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Why timing isn’t everything when it comes to placing SAP Candidates

When it comes to SAP recruitment, timing may affect how you feel about job chasing, but should it always sway you when it comes to searching for your new position? We are here to tell you, never fear. You might think you know the yearly trends for SAP recruitment, however Speller International have tracked placements month by month over the past six-years and the results are in. Find out the highest and lowest ranking months and why.

Slow going start

January is a great time of year to extend your leave, enjoy the sun (and a few bevy’s), and generally get things in order for the year to come. It is not unusual for our Clients to do the same. The general trend across the board is that January is a slow start for SAP placements. However, the work is still out there, so keep an open mind when it comes to placements.

Remember that if Clients are going on holiday’s, so are other candidates. There is a steady influx of roles in November and December coming in from Clients, but it may take just that little bit longer for the momentum to build for the year. Things start to get busy very soon. How do we know? Check out our March results.

March into a SAP position

In the past six years March was consistently the top ranked month for SAP placements. Why? It may be the long tail of the January slow down, or an early ramp up to the end of financial year, yet either way this trend didn’t waiver over the six-year study.

Although March came in as number one, February was one of the busiest months for new roles and interviews. So, by all accounts, the month to reach out to our team and get that head start if you are in the market for a new SAP role is February.

June’s big bang

June results came in as one of the highest ranked months for placements. It was not as strong as March but the placements in this month were still big. One theory is that the clients are spending their budget before the end of financial year.

This may be because:

The remaining budget doesn’t roll over to the next year so they try to spend it

To ensure they are fully resourced for the end financial year

So they don’t have their budgets reduced the following year as a result

Big Tip: Surprisingly May is the busiest month for Speller International. That’s right. Placement numbers are big for June but all the backend work is done in May. So if you are looking at SAP roles for the new financial year, plan your job hunt for May.

December Low down

December is another slow month. Clients are wanting to close things off for the end of the year, and similar to January, December is a month for winding down, tying off loose ends and preparing for the year to come. This doesn’t mean that Clients are not looking for SAP candidates for their company.

Hint: November is busy in-house, so if your contract is closing up over December don’t fret. Clients begin to search for SAP Candidates well before the end of year celebrations, so get your SAP CV to Speller International for November.

The trend of SAP recruitment for Speller International shows that the ideal time to search for the perfect role is in February, May and November when the industry is in full swing. However, in these findings over a six-year period, the difference for the other months was not significant enough to affect when you should search for the perfect SAP position. The good news? It shows a steady need for SAP Candidates for the majority of the year.