Changes Happening at Speller International

Posted on August 2018 By Nick Speller
Speller Changes Image

Here at Speller International we have some exciting new changes ahead, and I wanted to share these with you all personally.

We appreciate everyone who has supported Speller International over the last 17 years along with the greater Speller family that subscribe to our SAP Newsletter and we feel it is very important to not only keep you across all the SAP gossip, market information and SAP recruitments tips but also across what we, at Speller are doing and the changes that we are making to better service our clients, candidates, contractors and internal employees.

I am aware that many of you have not heard from me in a while and it is now quite timely for us to share with you an update on myself and Speller International.

I am now formally handing over the reins of Speller International to Judy Cole as I take an ‘official’ step back and let her and the team grow and prosper. While I have deemed Judy as my business partner for many years now, we are finally making it official (and legal!). I am also very excited to welcome her as a Co-Director of Speller International and a significant shareholder.

Judy’s official role is Managing Director and she will now be responsible for all company decisions and the running of Speller International.

Unfortunately, as some of you may know, my health hasn’t been the greatest in recent years and I had taken a step back from the day to day operations and running of Speller International since early 2015, allowing Judy and her leadership team to take over the day to day management of the company.

I have focused my efforts on trying to get back in to good health as well as spending quality time with my family. I have also been involved in a few strategic accounts within our SAP Consulting division and have been available for Judy with general management advice.

It has become apparent that my health is not improving as much or as quickly as I would like and coupled with the fact that Speller International is going from strength to strength – increasing the number of SAP contractors working in the market across Australia and internationally, as well as increased annual turnover – there is really no need to keep putting the continued pressure on myself of trying to return to Speller International.

In many ways, the situation with my health has now fast forwarded one my major objectives … to hand over the running of Speller International to someone more suitable than myself… Judy Cole!

To many, this will not be a surprise. Judy has been integral to Speller since starting with us in 2005. After numerous promotions she was appointed Sales Director in 2013, and in effect ran the business with me until I became unwell in 2015. As I had to step away from the business then, Judy was thrown into the MD role alone without much support from me, and in all honesty has been doing an outstanding job ever since.

So, it is with great pride that I officially hand over ‘Speller International’ to someone who I genuinely respect, to someone who has the passion and drive to continue the ‘Speller Founding Values’, but also to someone who ensures we have a lot of fun along the way. I am extremely confident in her capabilities to not just maintain this standard but raise the bar and exceed expectations.

Judy is also supported by an exceptionally dedicated and talented sales, recruitment and back office team who I know will ensure we maintain the title of The Premier SAP Recruitment and Resourcing Company in Australia. They each take great pride in their performance, in SAP and the service they deliver.

Since starting Speller International in December 2000 we have grown from just myself to a team of 13 across SAP Account Managers/BDM’s, Recruiters and our back-office team, as well as currently having well over 130 SAP Contractors out working in the market. I am exceptionally proud of what we have created and the values that each and every one of the team demonstrates.

A quick thank you also to you ALL. SAP has changed dramatically over the years, with the introduction of newer technologies and the continuous name changes, it has really shaped the way Speller operates as a whole. However, one thing that has never changed is the response and loyalty we have received from our clients and candidates alike (YOU GUYS). I have always had an incredible amount of fun working in this industry and I have been lucky enough to forge long lasting, professional and personal relationships. Thank you!

I will continue to work in the background with Judy with any advice and support she may need and in many ways nothing at Speller International will change, Judy has been running the show for almost 3 years now… we are just making it official!