What’s Important When Choosing Your Next SAP Company?

Posted on May 2018 By Speller International
What’s Important When Choosing Your Next SAP Company?

​When choosing your SAP roles do you think about the company values and its public perception? What about the management style of the hiring manager? Do you think about career growth and what type of culture you want to work in? These are all good questions to ask yourself before accepting interviews for potential roles. We’ve put these questions to one of our contractors, his tips and advice are great to have in the back of your mind when choosing your next role.

Lets’ say you have 3 job offers, what are the top factors in choosing which company is the one for you?

One of the top reasons, when choosing a company is the role and how closely aligned it is with my career goals. I am looking at what opportunities the role would offer in terms of exposing me to new technologies and thereby opportunities to learn. I would also like to understand how best they would utilise my core set of skills that I bring to the table and that in turn gives me an opportunity to assess how they value their employees and the importance they place on career development. I would also look at the flexible work arrangements that the company offers.

Is public perception important? Do you research their values and mission statement?

Yes, public perception definitely plays a part in choosing a company as do the values and mission statement. If the role is monetarily very attractive but the company carries a reputation for using their employees as mere tools to complete tasks/projects then I would definitely pass up on such opportunities.

Are you attracted to a particular company’s culture? Do you speak to previous/current employees that you know and trust?

I would be attracted to any company that believes in empowering its employees and as such would research using social platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor in addition to reaching out to my friends who worked there previously.

How important is your reporting manager and their management style to you?

I believe that the reporting style of the manager plays a key role in creating an environment where team members are able to realise their potential, be more productive and stay motivated. A manager who trusts his team’s abilities, is transparent and provides honest and transparent feedback would be more successful in gaining the trust of his/her team and thus realising their potential.

When it comes to career growth, what do you look for?

I would look for how the role would help me up-skill by learning new technologies and staying more relevant in the workforce. I wouldn’t want to focus solely on one technology only to realise later that it has become obsolete.

Other attributes I look for is how a company looks at their Performance management cycle, career aspirations and what steps they take to reward high performing employees.

These are a few ideas to think about when you’re presented with a new opportunity, remember to ask the Speller team to get a better understanding of the company, their culture not just the role.