SAP – It’s All About the Connections…

Posted on April 2018 By Speller International
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​As with any industry, building a career in the SAP field is as much about whom you know as it is what you know. We take a look at some simple ways you can build a network that works for you.

Let’s face it. The whole meeting people thing – whether in person or online – can be challenging. The simple fact however is that there is no better way to make an impression and build a reputation than by putting yourself out there and building a network.

Here’s the lowdown on the easiest ways you can get people putting a face to your name, and hopefully putting you first when it’s time to line up some talent!


Events are a great place to start for SAP networking. The SAP User Group (or SAUG for short) is a great community where you can connect with mentors, attend conferences and keep up to date with the latest SAP technologies and news.

This year’s conference dates are:

Brisbane Conference – May 10th

Sydney National Summit – 20-21st August

Melbourne Regional Conference – 15th November

SAUG has been around since 1998, and over that time has built a membership of more than 3,500 people from over 400 companies around the country. In short, if you’re into SAP, we recommend looking into SAUG.

We also sponsor the event so if you would like to pop along and say hi there will be a Speller representative on hand to say hello!

Social events with colleagues

Admittedly, you’re not going to be able to do this with everyone, but a super easy way to build a network among your peers is simply engaging with them on a social level. This can be anything from sitting down for lunch with a new face, grabbing a quick drink after work, or buying someone a coffee.

After all, getting to know a colleague outside of work is a big part of what it is to build lasting relationships in the industry, and lay the foundations for a proper network.

For a bit of guidance, why not read our blog about the best places to meet, eat and brainstorm in Melbourne (and share it with a colleague)?

Be a sharer!

Whatever the industry, two things above all else are highly prized within and across networks – authenticity and generosity. The trick comes down to not taking advantage of anyone, nor letting others take advantage of you.

That said, if someone has helped you in the past, perhaps consider paying it forward? Don’t be afraid to help people out using your own network if someone is looking for technical help, a job, or advice help them with your network.

After all, what goes around comes around!

Be a joiner

We work in a digital field, where it’s all about connections. So connect! Create a twitter account so you can follow industry leaders, research LinkedIn groups to join and read posts, subscribe to blogs and sniff out the latest SAP updates.

Beyond likes and shares, start to comment once in a while and you’ll begin to see the value of these networks. You’re plugging into a conversation that’s going to be happening with or without you… let your presence be known, and your voice be heard.


Building a network isn’t always easy. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. Add to that, some people aren’t always comfortable meeting new people or making new connections.

One thing is for sure however. Networks are how the world works, and you’re always going to be better for being part of one than being without one!