The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Posted on March 2018 By Chris Oughton

For some, the option to work from home is a small miracle, and something I’m sure many wish they had the opportunity to do more.

The thought of waking up and not having to tackle public transport, traffic jams or being bustled by brisk walkers through the CBD sounds mighty appealing, doesn’t it? You can sleep in that little bit longer, pop the kettle on for a cup of tea and once your laptop boots up, your ‘commute’ is basically done!

Now THAT is a great start to the day, am I right?

But what are the implications to working from home? Here at Speller International I know I have numerous clients who are happy to adopt a flexible working from home arrangement.

For others, however, it’s just not as likely an option.

So is working from home all it’s cracked up to be? I want to delve into the pros and the cons. Let’s start with the upsides…


The Boss of Your Schedule

As mentioned earlier, your commute is basically to the kitchen. You’re not a slave to the train timetable, or traffic. From your home you can create your own schedule that can aid your creativity and enable better overall health.

For instance, are your muscles seizing up after sitting at the desk too long? Hit the gym for an hour! It’ll be nice and quiet with everyone else at work. Not a fan of the gym? Go and complete all your errands, since the traffic won’t be as bad as your usual rush hour.

Basically, working from home = freedom!

Really personalise your workspace

From home, you have the flexibility to create a workspace that actually motivates you – and only you – to get stuff done. You don’t have to sit in a fluorescently lit cubicle after all.

You don’t even have to sit in your home office if you don’t want to. Nice day outside? Take the laptop to the beach or the park, head to the library. Better still, hit your favourite café for the coffee and free Wi-Fi!

Break as and when you please

The 12-12.30pm rule doesn’t apply here folks. Take an hour, read a book, go for a run or even the gym (unless you hate gyms of course). Without all that commute time to worry about you can commit to a yoga class in the afternoon – why not? Or a hike after lunch – the options for your break are endless, really

(Almost) full control of distractions!

In every office, there’s always someone who’s too hot and someone who’s too cold. Some who live in a jacket all year round and others who always have their sleeves rolled up. Arguments over the air conditioning are a fact of modern office life.

Of course, the beauty of being at home is that YOU control the heat, the lighting, the music, whether the window is open or closed, the flow of coffee… or whatever your preferred beverage may be. It’s a rare luxury – control over your environment, making it work for you. Enjoy it!


Willpower. Is. Essential.

Say it again. Willpower. Is. Essential. I know I’m guilty of speaking to people who work from home and saying ‘Wow, I could never do THAT!’ Because working from home you need to find a sweet spot that allows you to be consistently productive.

In offices, there’s always structure, whether it’s the meetings, lunch breaks, coffee breaks etc. Not at home. At home, you’re on your own. You need a To-Do List. And you need to stick to the To-Do List. Just don’t get stuck making To-Do Lists…

The human touch

Sometimes, working from home, you can go days without seeing people. Every hard-core remote worker has likely had the thought ‘when did I last leave the house?’ That’s because in the office there’s always those everyday chats about the little things (these chats can either be a pro or con depending on how you value it!)

Here at Speller, Friday lunchtime is a great opportunity to grab a bite together away from the phones and computers and discuss the week behind or ahead and even getting grievances off your chest.

Work/life blend, not balance

You’ll be busy working away at home, and the washing machine beeps to let you know its cycle’s finished. Before you know it, you’ve folded three baskets of laundry and are halfway through cleaning the kitchen floors…

Naturally, a 5-10 minute break here and there is no big issue. In fact, it can relieve the pressure of household chores building up! But you must remember to stay disciplined, otherwise your workday will stretch endlessly and you’ll end up feeling more tired than ever.


Distractions come in all forms in a working day, whilst your overly chatty co-worker is no longer an issue at home and you don’t have SMEs or your Project Manager at your desk all the time asking when that job is going to be done, the simple fact is your home is full of distractions.

It could be your dog, the TV, the contents of your fridge or even your kids, but let’s face it – our homes are full of distractions. If you say that you’re going to be working from home, remember you will in fact be required to work. Ideally, have a dedicated space and keep to a structure with time breaks.

You can get TOO comfortable

There’s no doubt that working from home is for those who can apply discipline to their daily habits. If you do find yourself resenting the office workplace or the thought of being there, it could be because you have become too comfortable about getting by at home.

Don’t get complacent. Challenge yourself to hit a new goal or complete a project. Or mix it up and split your working week between home and office.

Working from home is not for everyone. It takes a lot of dedication, self-control and discipline to motivate yourself and persevere over the long run without succumbing to distractions and losing momentum. Remember to keep your drive.

One way to achieve this is with a partial arrangement where you report into the office once or twice a week. This is something of an optimal arrangement as it allows for close interaction with colleagues and supervisors, while ensuring you remain in touch with company developments.

PLUS, you still get to work from home. So step into those comfy slippers, put the kettle on and get to work, you lucky thing!

Looking for that perfect job that can provide you with your desired work/life balance? Talk to one of the Speller International team today and let them know what you’re most interested in.