Meet the Team – Brad Lister

Posted on January 2018 By Speller International
Meet The Team5

Introducing our latest recruit to the Speller Team, Brad Lister. Running on 90% Coffee, this well-travelled foodie will bring even more enthusiasm and expertise to the SAP Account Management team.

Tell us a little bit of the Brad Lister history?

I was born in Melbourne and lived in the eastern suburbs until I was 2, spending the next 8 years living in the UK, USA, Canada and S/E Asia and then resettling in Melbourne to “grow up”.

During school I had ambitions of sporting glory, these were miss guided….. I tried my hand in hospitality and attained my Chef qualification. After working as a cook for 6 weeks and deciding it was not for me, I completed a degree in advertising and left the country for Canada for a “Short Holiday” which turned into a 12-month working holiday tour of North America.

Once I returned, I worked as a sales assistant in retail, then found my way into banking as a Tele-Consultant. From those humble beginning, that adventure lasted over a decade, across most roles and market segments. It took me as far as the Middle East where I set-up and operated a mortgage brokerage company. On return to Australia I spent another year or so in banking until a close friend mentioned an opportunity at Speller. As they say the rest is history…

Having recently joined the Speller Team, what are you most looking forward to in your role as SAP Account Manager?

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! As an Account Manager I am excited to spend more time meeting and speaking to as many of our clients as possible. I want to understand their business needs to deepen my understanding of the role IT, and more specifically SAP, can play in delivering business efficiencies. Ultimately, I feel this is going to position me well to deliver great SAP Candidates and understand where and when they are needed.

The fact that I get to have a coffee on Lygon Street or out with our clients from time to time is an added bonus.

Where do we find you in your downtime?

  1. Outdoors watching or participating in any sport or activity you can think of.

  2. Eating, cooking, going to markets, restaurants, exhibitions…., if food or wine is involved I am keen.

  3. Overseas- I love to travel!

What does the FY17/18 hold both professionally and personally for you?

Professionally, a VERY exciting year ahead, I can’t even begin to guess what is instore! Hopefully at the Christmas party in 11 months’ time I know many more people who I have assisted in their professional journey over the last 12 months.

Personally, a few goals: buying a house and a trip to Europe are the major ones.