Bang Your Drum: Cultivating Success in SuccessFactors

Posted on January 2018 By Speller International
Bang Your Drum: Cultivating Success in SuccessFactors

​In this month’s Bang Your Drum, it’s time to explore the human element of systems with SAP SuccessFactors, and examine what organisations are looking for in consultants when the time comes to advance their HR game.

One of SAPs most forward-thinking decisions was made back in 2011, when it acquired the cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) platform SuccessFactors for $3.4 billion.

The SaaS model had already proven its utility and value across a great many applications and industries in the last few years. And as government and enterprises became more comfortable with the savings and benefits of off-premises operations for their core business applications, it was inevitable that HR software would follow suit.


Recently, SAP reported that they are ending support for on-premises implementations of their HCM product after 2025. Moving forward, they’ll be directing customers towards their SaaS-based HCM solution, SuccessFactors.

It was only a matter of time, really. But what does it mean for you?

Well, if you’re a consultant that can help organisations navigate the roadmap to the cloud and can speak HCM like a second language, you’re likely to find yourself in high demand as an SAP SuccessFactors Consultant.

So what are the key factors that will get you a look in as companies transition their HR operations to the cloud, taking control of their digital transformation to win the talent war?


Things move fast in the cloud. SuccessFactors SaaS/Cloud implementations can be quite rapid, with 2-6 month average implementation times. And with quarterly software updates, there’s a faster pace of innovation.

For companies that means having the latest and greatest features for reduced infrastructure and personnel costs, for you it means you’ll need to clearly demonstrate you can handle the pace in a fast-moving environment, where new functionality is added every three months.


There are a lot of SuccessFactors modules for organisations to consider, so obviously the more you can show an understanding of or certification in, the better your prospects.

It may be Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Compensation Management, Success & Development, Recruiting, Learning or Workforce Planning – it all helps.

And if you have a Certified Associate level accreditation in at least one module, even better!


This one may seem a no-brainer, but it’s important point to illustrate. You’re going to be instrumental in shaping the systems that are to excite people about their prospects and potential in their own workplace.

As such, it pays to show a little passion! Being excited about staying up to date demonstrates to the client an interest in new technologies and understanding the future of where IT / SAP is headed.

Show your love of being able to enhance that way organisations recruit, manage and support their staff, and it will show in how many people will want to hire you.

Sure, 2025 sounds like a way off. But turning around companies and redefining their core processes is like bringing an ocean liner about face. That’s why so many are looking right now for the talent that elevate their HR systems into the cloud with the rest of their core business.

Building value-based relationships with workers within companies with training and retention informed by real-time analytics and mediated through a consumer style experience is the future of HR, and SAP SuccessFactors is a yellow brick road to the future of HCM.

Why not see where it can take you today?