The Trifecta – Your Ticket to the Winner’s Podium?

Posted on October 2017 By Speller International
The Trifecta – Your Ticket to the Winner’s Podium?

It’s that time again when hordes of punters gather for the race that stops the nation! As the final month of spring draws to a close, it’s also a great opportunity to take stock of how things are shaping up in our professional lives. Have you got the trifecta of skills to outstrip the field?

Success in the SAP field is in large part dependent on the following three factors: so-called ‘Soft’ skills, technical capabilities, and general business acumen. You can think of them as temperament, training, and form. Let’s take a look at each in turn to see if you’re race-fit for the big event.

TEMPERAMENT – Get along to go along

No person is an island, especially on those big projects where everyone needs to pull together. How well do you rate your communication skills? Take a moment to really think about it, because they’re critical to your sustained career progression. You’ll need to be comfortable working with people across all levels, so it pays to play well with others.

What does that entail? Well, it’s as simple as actively listening to others. Don’t be the person who’s just waiting for their chance to talk. Ask questions, and pay mind to the responses. Most importantly, be open to the questions of others. This is the bedrock of the sort of consultative approach that will make the difference between sailing, or staying put.

And remember to have a bit of fun. Your attitude will have an outsized impact on how you’re seen by others. Nobody likes a ‘stick in the mud’. Equally, be conscious to not be a ‘yes’ person. Progress in any task is made easier when people know when it’s appropriate to push back on unrealistic expectations.

TRAINING – The heart of technique

Unquestionably, technical skills are a cornerstone of SAP and how much you know will have an immeasurable influence on your career prospects. This isn’t about simple raw talent, either. It’s about how committed you are to mastery in your chosen field.

Know what you bring to table, and what more you can learn to stand out. A good place to start in this regard is our Bang your Drum blog series. It explores a number of different roles within the SAP field and what each requires from you if you want to take the cup home.

Always be looking for ways to expand your skill set and knowledge base. In particular, look at the other technologies in similar that complement or augment your experience. SAP SuccessFactors and Workday, for instance, or SAP CRM/Hybris/Cloud for Customer, comparative to SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamic.

If you’re looking to step up into the next league, this is the kind of on-the-field intelligence that will make you dynamite in the final straight.

FORM – The business of business

Understanding the bigger picture, and not just the part you play in it, can make a dramatic difference to your prospects out there.

It’s not just about knowing the larger movements of the industry either. It’s about knowing your present company, and who’s who in it – what they do, what they can do, and what they can help you do.

It’s not quite Game of Thrones, but forging these sorts of relationships can actually help you get what you need to get the job done, while allowing you to navigate office politics better. And, if you’re consistently delivering the goods, you’ll be building a reputation you can capitalise on.

Get set… and GO!

So there you have it! That’s your trifecta of success. Horse Racing is not rocket science, and neither is SAP – even if sometimes feels like it is. As with any other career path, your advancement is almost entirely in your hands. Make sure you’re preparing for the season, and not just a series of one-off wins, and the winner’s podium will be deservedly yours.