SAP Leonardo: A Genius Move?

Posted on September 2017 By Tim Baxter
SAP Leonardo: A Genius Move?

Cloud computing hasn’t simply changed computing – it’s changed almost every facet of modern business. Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Learning were just the start of a paradigm shift that has ushered in revolutions in AI, interconnectivity, and even finance (via the rise of Blockchain) on a tide of innovation.

What has been lacking is a way to actually make these separate innovations work together cohesively, to realise not only the potentials of each, but the even greater potential of their synergy.

Where the cloud transformed computing, SAP now hopes to transform the cloud with SAP Leonardo. SAP Leonardo isn’t an application, but a tool kit that can bring pieces of technology together as a powerful platform play that promises to enable businesses across all sectors to finally embrace a truly integrated approach to technology. It provides the capability to run mission-critical applications in the cloud, derive and feed in real-time insights, and rapidly design and deploy industry specific solutions to fit their needs. And SAP views Design Thinking as an integral step in the whole innovation.

SAP Cloud Platform serves as the foundation for all SAP Leonardo’s capabilities, bringing all the latest technologies and services together in a unified, intelligent system. Let’s look at each of facet of this ‘Innovation System’ briefly in turn, to get a sense of how much of a game-changer such high-level integration promises to be for enterprises.


SAP Connected Goods provides real-time connection of IoT devices with both business processes and back-end systems in real time, driving efficiency benefits in cloud deployment, device optimisation, data-driven insights and automation. Business can then maximise the value of their customer-facing IoT products and smart devices.


SAP Leonardo is set to power digital transformation with a machine-learning platform bridging human expertise and computer insights, allowing businesses to automate repetitive tasks, harness algorithm-driven solutions and better transform data insights into action.


Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management combine, leveraging the embedded machine learning to provide businesses with fast, accurate insights and improved reporting, modelling, management and forecasting.


The in-memory platform offered by SAP combines with the power of Hadoop to process and store the huge amounts of data generated by enterprises, and derive real-time insights. Distributed storage and computing are also made easier to enable, with SAP Vora providing for cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments.


SAP see Blockchain as a way to simplify multi-party processes and build trust, driving co-innovation through the Blockchain-as-a-Service approach enabled by SAP Cloud Platform. High-speed cross-border transfers and greater value extraction from global supply chains are just a couple of the enticing applications SAP Leonardo looks to make possible.

And that’s just a helicopter view of SAP Leonardo and what it promises. It’s a major undertaking from SAP, with a considerable degree of investment – $2 billion worth over the next few years, in fact – helping to drive its development and an awareness of the benefits it can provide.

Our advice? If you want to stay at the cutting edge of the field, start investigating, exploring and learning SAP Leonardo’s capabilities today. Because given the continuing convergence of all things digital, SAP Leonardo is almost certainly going to be an instrumental part of the enterprise landscape in the years to come – and people will be looking for people who understand its intricacies and potential.