Do You Have What Recruiters Are Looking For?

Posted on September 2017 By Speller International
Do You Have What Recruiters Are Looking For?

When recruiters are asked by employers to put forward candidates for a position, they look for people with skills that fit the brief. But if two or more candidates have similar skill sets, how do employers separate them?

Here are eight points to remember for your next interview. Skill and experience being equal, shining in these areas might just get you over the line.


You have a firm grip on where you are in your career, where you want to be and how to get there. Recruiters like this because it means they can match you to exactly the right role, knowing that it will be mutually beneficial for you and the employer.


You love your industry and your work. That means you’re naturally inquisitive and excited about new technology, you want to improve professionally and you enjoy the learning process.


You listen, ask the right questions and explain yourself with honesty and in a way that is easy to understand, giving employers confidence that you understand their issues and expectations. You stay on point and don’t stray from the topic, demonstrating you don’t get bogged down in detail and stick to the task at hand. You are also known for your ability to liaise with all levels of the business; stakeholder management skills are key whether you are in a technical, functional or managerial role.


You meet all expectations in your role. You are known to be there when needed; be at work on time and work the extra when required. That makes you dependable, which means you are someone employers can trust to get the job done. By demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness, your employer has confidence in both you and your work.


You have a strong track record for completing work to a high standard. This is obviously important for employers who want to know that you can deliver what they need.

In the SAP market this is especially important; you need a good reputation within your specialised competency and your consistent high standard of work will be known in SAP circles, whether it be agents or Line Managers who have heard of your prowess.


You are known and respected in the marketplace for your work. In the contract market, reputation may be all that lies between you and your next role. Consistent high level of work; committing to contracts and finishing them; not being purely money-focused or chasing contracts only for the money; a great attitude to your work and colleagues and your mentoring and knowledge-sharing skills are the things that promote a great reputation and hold you in a good position for continued work.


You get along well with people – and people get along well with you. Employers generally want team players with strong interpersonal skill who will add to the culture of their organisation in a positive way.


You are positive, optimistic, energetic and honest. While skills can be taught and developed, the character traits that determine how far you can progress are inherent within your personality. A lot of companies look for attitude above all other qualities.

So, while you may tick all the boxes when it comes to skills it’s also what else you can bring to a role – and an organisation – that recruiters value. Work on these eight areas in particular and you will give yourself the best possible chance of success when that position you crave becomes available.