Communication is Key!

Posted on May 2017 By Scott Anstey
Communication is Key!

​Communication is extremely important in all aspect of life from home life with your wife/husband/child to work life with your boss/colleagues and customers. Today we are going to talk about the importance of communication when looking for and applying for jobs.

Being clear, prompt, transparent and upfront throughout the recruitment process is vital to ensure the best outcome for you the candidate, your recruiter and the client alike.

As a job seeker it is important to maintain a consistent and regular line of communication with your recruiter and update them regularly on any changes with your circumstances, no matter what that might be – you might have applied for another job opportunity, or secured an interview for another role, or your current work circumstances might have changed. Armed with this information your recruiter can help manage the situation for the best outcome for you. A strong relationship between a candidate and a recruiter can make the whole process much smoother end-to-end, right from the initial search to contract commencement and beyond; they can work with you to manage situations and expectations when difficulties arise, and celebrate with you when you secure the role!

Here are a few pointers to reach the best outcome for you:

  1. Provide accurate information – Both you as the candidate and we as the recruiter need to be accurate and transparent in the information provided, whether that be in relation to the role, or your expectations as the job seeker

  2. Kindness and politeness goes a long way – Be personable, friendly and let your true self come out but always keep it professional

  3. Respect time – Time is valuable and life is busy, so make sure to be prompt and do follow through on commitments you have agreed too

  4. Feedback – Provide feedback throughout, keep the lines of communication open and frequent

  5. Be honest – This is the most important point; honesty about your experience, the type of role you are looking for, the type of client you would like to work with.

Every recruiter knows that as a job seeker, you are seeking jobs! We understand that you might have applied for numerous jobs, or be in the interview process for another role – you should be looking at all available roles that match your skill. The key to a successful job hunt is keeping all parties informed by communicating openly and honestly.