Why Speller International is Your SAP Perfect Match

Posted on March 2017 By Speller International
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​When Speller International started operating in the niche SAP market in 2001, we knew we were committing to something big.

SAP was already an established industry in its own right, but with the 1999 release of mySAP combining e-commerce software with the applications in R/3, it was clear to us that the software giant had a much larger contribution to make to the businesses worldwide.

After 16 years of operation, it’s safe to say we were onto something.

Speller International has never been focused on becoming some huge conglomerate. Our focus now, as ever, has been on servicing our market to the best of our ability. As SAP market specialists, we take pride in truly understanding our clients, our consultants, and our candidate’s requirements and objectives.

Here’s how we do it, and what we can offer your organisation.


Speller International offers resourcing, recruitment and consulting services across our three specialist divisions.

They are:

  • SAP IT

  • SAP Change, Training and Documentation

  • Corporate Services (SAP Users)

We’re able to work across these categories for a simple reason – we made the connection very early that any system, application or process is necessarily incomplete unless it is considered in relationship to people.

This emphasis on the personal rather than simply personnel has enabled us to build an extensive and loyal network, connecting some of the finest minds of the SAP community.


This same attitude informs our commitment to serving the needs of our customers and clients. Although initially starting with SAP resourcing and recruitment, we soon recognised that many in the industry were looking for new avenues to partner with more flexible and customer-focused providers.

This realisation led to us adding Speller Consulting Services to our suite of capabilities in 2014. It provides an easy-to-use service model for ad-hoc, flexible and highly capable consultants, resulting in strategic and cost-effective on-shore delivery of SAP initiatives, solutions and staff augmentation across a broad spectrum of SAP technologies.

The result? Speller Consulting enables us to offer boutique consulting services as a genuinely viable alternative to SAP consulting firms. We are as agile as you need us to be.


One of the reasons we’re able to do what we do is because we’re always looking for better ways to serve. It’s an attitude that has freed us to do more than just provide our clients with SAP resourcing, recruitment and consulting services. Indeed, it’s established us in the SAP community as genuine market specialists.

For starters, we utilise our own industry data and the information we receive from our robust SAP network to benchmark market conditions, track roles that are presently popular, and give accurate insights into true salary and contract rates. We document it all and update every quarter.

Our salary survey, based on market conditions, includes contractor daily rates salary bandwidths across three experience levels, so our clients get a clear picture of the market rate and current demand when they’re planning for any upcoming project or implementation.

Through robust engagement with our established network we’re able to track upcoming projects, determine what’s ahead in the market, and what modules and services are expected to be in high demand.

We also produce our Quarterly Crunch, an industry snap-shot covering the top five roles we placed in the quarter, the top ten requirements from our clients, and the skills that proved most challenging to place over that period. In this way, people across the SAP community and industry can see at glance high demand roles or market shortages, plus identify early new and emerging SAP skills based on new and upcoming SAP projects.


Speller International understands the importance of giving back. That’s why every year we proudly sponsor and participate in six SAP industry-specific events, such as the SAP Australia User Group (supporters since 2009). In fact, we were the first recruitment company permitted to sponsor and attend their forums and conferences. We’ve also backed the Leading Insights Conference, among others.

Not only does this kind of support make a material difference to our wider community, it enables us to hear first-hand of the emerging technologies, innovations and anticipated changes in SAP technology. It also keeps us abreast of SAP industry best practices, and allows us to learn from the experiences of local talent across all levels.

Since 2011, we’ve been invited twice-yearly to present to SAP graduates at Victoria University, helping them commence their SAP career with tips and guidance on entering the market, and allowing us the opportunity to give back to the SAP ecosystem.

And finally, in addition such grassroots support, our shared research and intellectual property such as our highly-regarded Quarterly Salary Rates, plus our SAP modules and profiling tools, have enabled many of our clients and candidates to use Speller International’s industry knowledge as a barometer of the SAP marketplace. We also keep the community abreast of SAP news and developments through Australia’s largest SAP newsletter, subscribed to by over 12,000 SAP professionals.


Because SAP is our DNA. Our code, if you will. As your SAP partner, we’ll provide you with:

1. Quality Skills

We offer an assurance of high-level, market leading skills in the SAP consultants we source. Your dedicated Account Manager will assess the skills, experience and suitability of each consultant by tapping into our local and international networks to provide the fullest picture possible of their quality. All our SAP consultants are experienced across a broad range of methodologies. Better still, they are flexible enough to work with whichever approach best suits the project, the technology, and the culture of our clients, adapting and mixing methodologies where necessary and as required.

2. Cultural Alignment and Timely, Consistent Quality

Speller International will identify consultants who understand not only the technology, but also how the role fits into the team. This assures the right cultural, as well as technological alignment between our consultants and clients. Further, we understand and value the importance of acting in a timely manner. Your deadlines are what matters to us, and we’ll adhere to them in providing you with quality staff.

3. Industry Knowledge

Through our internal benchmarking and thoroughly documented CRM system, we’re able to run reports on top talent and drill down to those candidates across each skill set who will best meet our client requirements – all rigorously vetted and referenced. It’s one of the key reasons why Speller International is on the official ‘preferred suppliers list’ of over twenty Tier 1 businesses around Australia, and the accredited supplier for many other well respected companies both here and in New Zealand. It’s a record we’re immensely proud of.

4. Proven Experience

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry. After all, we’ve been operating in the niche SAP market for over 16 years now. It’s allowed us to accrue the necessary experience in resourcing, recruitment and consulting services so that everybody’s time can be valued as it should be. We measure Customer Satisfaction through the longevity of our relationships, and are proud to say that 30% of the clients we currently work with have been in partnership with Speller International for 10 or more years.

That’s a measure of achievement more meaningful to us than any other.


According to SAP, 75% of all global business transactions come in contact with an SAP system. As an industry it has remained exciting, challenging, and more increasingly relevant to greater and greater numbers of people, from multinationals to small businesses.

Clearly then it pays to partner with a company who values not just your business, but the industry as a whole, and who understands the skills and talents of everyone in it from the latest graduates to the 20-year professionals of the field.

With an international team trained in the nuances of SAP technology and a collective 68 years of SAP resourcing and recruitment experience under our belts, we’ve become one of Australia’s largest SAP-specific resourcing, recruiting and consulting service companies.

But our focus – offering the best SAP consultants and the best candidates, to drive the best outcomes for our clients – remains unchanged.

If we sound like the right people to partner with you for all your SAP resourcing, recruitment and consulting services, then please get in touch. Our office is always ready to talk about what we can do for you, to fulfil your SAP objectives.