Introducing our SAP Customer Engagement Manager

Posted on March 2017 By Speller International
Candidate Manager

Speller International has been in the business of placing quality SAP candidates in contract and permanent roles for over 16 years. Due to solely working within the SAP arena for so long we hold an incredible amount of useful information about the SAP market, rates, projects, industries, trends. As well as being able to offer up tips for candidates and customers alike around interviewing, CV’s, attracting and holding top talent just to name a few.

Since 2014 Speller International have be providing market updates, tips, trends and SAP news via our monthly newsletter and blogs to the SAP community and we have received very positive feedback… but we understand that reading lots of information on line is not always the best way or does not work for everyone ; some and people may want to pick up the phone and speak to an actual human, ask a specific question and that’s where our new SAP Customer Engagement role comes in!

What is the focus of the role?

In short, the focus of the role is driven by you! It is how we can better assist you in growing your career, growing your team and to ensure you are armed with more information to be able to make good decisions for you or your company.

To give a few examples we will start by;

  • Working with our past and present contractors to either improve our contract extension process, or if you are not extending to provide you with new options for you next engagement. We will let you know what is happening in the market and where you are likely to find your next engagement. Our aim is to turn the normally very reactive contract recruitment process into to a much more proactive process.

  • Working with our network and the broader SAP Community to provide information on SAP market updates, career advice, tip, trends and a guide on professional development and other general SAP advice.

  • Sourcing information specific to our Clients (Companies) needs regarding the Client’s industry, information on what is happening in the market so that they can plan their recruitment and resourcing requirements accordingly, company/team structures that are working in this new IT world, provide updates on what we know about new SAP modules and who else may have implemented these. We will also be market mapping to assess specific industry dynamics and the quality of the talent pool within the SAP network as well as mapping emerging SAP skills.

  • An all-round SAP customer service role, providing internal assistance to our Candidate Management and Business Development Teams in order for them to provide the best support to our candidates, contractors and clients.

Why have we created it?

We want to offer a more consistent and tailored approach to providing market information and updates with a more personal touch.

Who will be the Customer Engagement Manager?

Scott Anstey who has been with Speller 7 years this coming July and is well known to our candidates and clients, having dealt with so many over the years. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Scott knows he has a professional yet relaxed style that puts you immediately at ease. In Scott’s dual role as a part time Candidate Manager and a part time SAP Customer Engagement Manager, he will now provide exemplary customer service to our contractors, clients and our wider SAP community.

What we need from you?

This is a new role that will be constantly evolving so please feel free to let us know if there is anything specific you want to hear about from us. Scott will be working in this role on Fridays so feel free to pick up the phone and have a chat with him about all things SAP.