How Many Hearts?

Posted on February 2017 By Speller International
How Many Hearts?

On Tuesday the 14th, around the city,
see’s men walking round with roses all pretty
For these roses are for partners, loved ones, and spouses,
that brings beaming smiles as they enter their houses

And just when you think, it couldn’t get better,
we offer great gifts if you read our newsletter
To celebrate love and Valentine’s day,
simply look at the hearts and we invite you to play

The rules are quite simple, there’s not much to learn,
but get the number right and they are yours in return
So guess right and guess true
and we send the whole jar plus tickets for two*

But tickets for what? I hear you say,
why it couldn’t be better with Conference day!
Just like Valentines which comes every year,
so does the Leading Insights Conference my dear!

So those on LinkedIn can play when they like, so hit a home run and go get a strike,
Enter your number and then simply wait, for tickets for 2 – bring your valentines date


*Like our LinkedIn page and guess the number of hearts to win two tickets to the two-day CompleteStream Leading Insights Conference held at the Crown Hotel Melbourne, March 27 & 28, 2017. Transportation to the venue and other costs incurred for the event are the responsibility of the winner. Full terms and conditions of the competition can be viewed here.