Speller’s 2016 Christmas Party

Posted on December 2016 By Speller International
Speller Christmas Party Header

​As Santa is preparing, lo and behold Christmas draws near,
SAP elves make the journey to the gathering of the year
For their journey ends at Transit a sight soon to behold
Where they will head 3 floors high and the night will soon unfold

Behind the bar of wonders, are pleasures to be desired
From Spellertini’s to Martini’s, that tomorrow will leave you tired
But as cheers they clank across the room and beer flows across the land
Bubbles they are a pouring not an empty drink in hand

But, alas it goes too early, and before you blink it’s gone,
Another Speller party completed, another night to bestow an award upon
Until next time SAP elves, until next year we sing your praise,
Until that time, have a festive time for these Christmas holidays