GosSAP Corner

Posted on December 2016 By Mary Vidovich
Gos Sap

​It’s not just pollen floating around at the moment, but news, rumours and of course, gossip!!!

We have heard many tidbits of late around St Kilda Road, Freshwater Place and the Eastern Suburbs! Here are just a few…….

A Spellerite who hasn’t been with us in 2016 will be again returning in the New Year! Yay!! Who is it that will be coming home??

A new Greenfields Implementation is kicking off next year for a company specialising in bathroom and in particular toilets and portable toilets. There will definitely be a strong demand for PP Consultants!

A new version of SAP HANA is being released from one of the famous US states! Great news! This particular version is being launched in February 2017. It’s expected that “HANA Montana” will see the product reach its ultimate capability!

The Speller Christmas party saw many familiar faces gather at Transit Bar and reunited many old friends… It was also a fun night of drinking, dancing and lot’s more…

Two mature ABAP consultants were thrown out of the venue after they displayed their ‘secret handshake’ upon seeing each other after 10 years! We are not sure of the details, but it didn’t involve hands! Woahhhh

Who was it who drank 5 espresso martini’s, 3 Patron shots, 6 Spellertini’s, 5 bottles of beer, 3 white wines and one red wine! Hmmmmmmmmm

There were reports of at least 56 sick days lodged the day after the Christmas Party! Uh ohhhhhhh!!!

Please note: All gossip above may or may not have actually happened.