The Results are in…

Posted on October 2016 By Speller International
The Results Are In

​Each year we send out a survey to the candidates and clients we have worked with over the course of the year, to find out how we are doing in regards to our service delivery compared to our objectives. Here’s how we evaluate our performance against those objectives.

Just to recap, our objectives are centred around 4 key pillars:

The Speller Difference

How we conduct ourselves during our daily interactions with both internal and external customers by providing exemplary customer service and going above and beyond to make our customers feel truly special.

We found this to be relatively easy to measure by adopting a system called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures client satisfaction by asking one simple question: How likely is it that you would recommend Speller International to a friend or colleague?

The responses are measured on a scale of 0 – 10 and an overall score is determined based on where the responses fall on the scale: 0 – 6 (detractors), 7 – 8 (passive), or 9 – 10 (promoters).

The overall score is then benchmarked against businesses in the same industry, in our case recruitment.

Last year the benchmark Net Promoter Score for recruitment was 30, which represented the average NPS across more than 56,000 recruitment companies worldwide. The NPS for Speller International was 76, more than twice the benchmark figure. We consider that to be a major success.

Client Engagement and Resourcing Excellence

How we service our clients and candidates to the best of our ability; how we can maximise the knowledge and skills we have in the Business Development team and the Resource team to provide exemplary service to our clients and candidates alike.

To gauge the sentiment of our clients and candidates we asked them a simple question: How satisfied are you with the overall experience of the recruitment services provided by Speller International?

We were pretty happy with the results.

  • 94.4% of our candidates said they were satisfied with our services, and 36.6% said they were “extremely” satisfied.

  • Even better, 100% of our clients said they were satisfied with our services. 47.1% said they were “extremely” satisfied.

We had a lot of great comments, helping to explain why our candidates and clients feel the way they do. We also received useful and constructive feedback on what we can do to increase the percentage of “extremely” satisfied people.

SAP Market Engagement

How we keep abreast of new and emerging SAP technologies and share that information – and our consultants considerable knowledge – internally and, most importantly, externally to be able to provide advice to our clients and candidates.

This blog is one way we try to disseminate information externally, but we have a lot of information to share on the SAP market and advice for both sides of the recruitment process.

Our annual survey brought to our attention that around 27% of our candidates and 31% of our clients don’t take up our additional offerings such as the newsletter, utilise our salary surveys and other SAP market knowledge. We are here to help and we would love an opportunity to share our SAP knowledge, so please tell us how we can help.

Empowerment & Overachievement

How our team can take ownership of their goals and targets; empowering each individual to think creatively, take action and be responsible for our work.

This is an internal pillar, and as such falls outside the scope of the annual survey to candidates and clients. But the success of this objective is easy to see, in the behaviour and attitude of our people.

We will be circulating our 2016 survey in the coming months. It is a vital tool to help us improve and provide the best service possible, and we look forward to seeing the responses from our candidates and clients. But we welcome feedback any time, so please feel free to get in touch and tell us about your experience with Speller International. After all, you are the reason we exist as a business!