Client Culture, and the Importance of ‘Getting It’

Posted on October 2016 By Speller International
Client Culture2

​Often it seems many recruitment companies just don’t understand their client’s culture or workplace or don’t take the time to understand these vital elements.

This article from Shortlist in particular got us thinking about these things from a client perspective.

Clients want to be understood. They want their work culture to be conveyed in the correct way, enticing the right personalities for their business. They want to have the confidence that the candidates submitted are realistic options and potentially long term employees.

Speller International make it our business to understand our clients. We take a genuine interest in our clients; both the business itself and each of our clients as individuals, but we cannot understand your culture without your help and when it comes to finding the “right fit” it is important that you ensure you offer up some of your time to explain what is important.

Partners, not players

We hold a tremendous sense of pride with the deep connections we have forged with our client base. We’ve been in operation for over 15 years now, and have built an extensive – not to mention loyal – network in the SAP community.

In fact, roughly 30% of our clients have been in partnership with us for 10 years or more.

That’s a crucial differentiator. How did such relationships come about? Put simply, they grew organically through our commitment to the client culture.

In short, it’s because we believe in partnerships, not playing games.

For one client, whom we’ve collaborated with since 2005, we’ve placed over 100 consultants in both contract and permanent roles – including 70% of their Support/BAU SAP team. We’ve been in business with them as long as we have because we just ‘get’ their needs.

Better still, their BAU Team has been so successful that other internal teams within the client company have gone on to second several of the members for their own projects. Clearly, our insight into their divisional needs and nuances has had a long-standing impact.

Such deep client knowledge means more can happen from the get-go, building upon our finely honed capacity to intuit how each person will work for the best team cohesion.

The Speller Way is simple. It’s about communicating.

So what is the Speller Way? What can companies expect from partnering with us?

To begin, we apply a thorough Account Management model that ensures all recruitment objectives can be achieved through a single point of contact. Communication is absolutely key, as is the ability provide valuable industry context and information, and to act promptly on feedback whenever called upon to do so.

Only through clear, consistent and regular contact can we build a profile for the client that details not only their expectations and requirements, but that paints as accurate picture as possible of the company and team culture. It’s never just about a candidate’s technical proficiency. It’s about how well they can integrate with a team… with your team.

As such, it’s important that we are granted access, and are able to regularly spend time onsite with prospective clients, getting a feel for how they work, and the landscape of their work environment. This enables us to get to know the company, and to align our perspective with the team culture that we’re looking to complement.

If the suit fits…

And that’s really it. The Speller Way is a process of conscious listening, of cultivated relationships, and of suitably considered choices – backed by expert discernment, and an emphasis on enhancing our value proposition wherever we can. Only in this way can a client’s culture be understood, and added to.

Recruitment then becomes a little like getting a tailor-made suit – the right measurements need to be taken before the cloth can be cut, and the fit assured. It takes a little time – but the more time you spend with us, the faster the process becomes.

It’s how we’ve managed to establish the sort of relationships with both clients and candidates that have led to us becoming known in the Asia Pacific for our consistent ability to supply quality SAP Consultants.

We stay sharp, so you can move with agility and ease.

Now… when was the last time you had a suit fitting?