Are you backing your own career?

Posted on October 2016 By Speller International
Are You Backing Your Own Career

​Horse racing fever has descended on Melbourne and many of us will join in the fun and have a punt.

There are many reasons you might choose to back a horse, maybe its name, colours or form, but when it comes to your own career, you should always back yourself.

Here are our tips to help you properly back your career, to ensure a winning streak.

Professional Development

In the ever-changing world of SAP, it’s important to keep up-to-date with new releases of modules and newer technologies. Don’t just think SAP technologies though. With this ever-changing climate, getting to know SAP’s competition will give you the inside-run against your competition! Many companies are mixing up their IT with multiple technologies and being able to evaluate and decide the best technology for what the business needs is a very useful skill to have in this competitive market. For example, if you are a SAP BW Consultant – why not upskill in QlikView or Tableau?

1. If your company offers Professional Development as part of your contract, make sure you take advantage of it and not just for SAP modules. There are a variety of other courses you can do to improve your professional self.

2. If you have time off between contracts this is a great time to book in some PD. It might just secure you your next role.

3. Be part of a SAP network like the SAUG, who hold annual conferences in a number of major cities, plus SIG (Special Interest Group) meetings for various modules, KeyInsights, SAP’s Mastering Events or even some online communities such as SCN.

Updating your CV

Even when you are not job hunting, it’s still important to keep your CV current – particularly after you’ve rolled off a project, completed a large piece of work or have an achievement that is noteworthy.


1. You are more likely to paint a better picture of the achievement when it is fresh in your mind, rather than months down the track.

2. You never know when someone might want to consider you for a potential new position, especially in the world of contracting. Having an updated CV at hand will save time and maintain true focus.

Updating LinkedIn

Just like your CV, this too needs to be regularly updated. However, unlike a CV, this needs to be targeted to new skills, successes and achievements, rather than a full account of your career history.

Regularly updating your LinkedIn also displays your connections and your current work details (as long as your settings are kept public), which will keep you at the forefront for new opportunities with both recruiters and potential clients.

Making Connections

You never know what tomorrow brings. Putting in some ground work now and connecting with relevant people in the SAP field, could be the key to landing a role in the future.

On LinkedIn

Connect with clients you are interested in working with. Or with companies and individuals who share your vision.


Sending an introduction inmail is also a good idea, especially if you want to connect with an individual you either a) haven’t met yet, or b) have only been briefly introduced. This increases your chances of them accepting your connect request.


Networking and attending relevant SAP events will help you meet people both within the SAP and in your specific field. Be sure to request a business card so you can follow up with an email or a LinkedIn connection request.

Backing your career and taking guidance from our tips could gain you extra time in the long run and ensure you are on form and prepared for the off, all year round. It may also help give you the edge in a photo finish to the line.