Dress to Impress

Posted on September 2016 By Mary Vidovich
Dress To Impress

​ First impressions count. We all know this cliché, but it’s true.

When you walk down your local street, enter a business centre or a retail outlet, we all do it (right or wrong); we sum up a person instantly by their appearance.

Ask yourself;

Have you ever been to a fancy dress party where someone hasn’t made the effort to don a costume? Lazy!

Have you been to the casino in the evening and seen people wearing tracksuits and sneakers? Ew!

Have you seen someone who looks like they’ve come straight from a nightclub walking through a park in the morning? Well, that’s a different story, but still a look that is out of place!

All of the above examples display one thing; dressing appropriately for specific occasions is vital in order to… DRESS TO IMPRESS.

There are many different occasions in your working life where dressing for the occasion counts. Here are a few examples to put you on the right track (but no tracksuit!) in your working life;

  • Functions- if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to entertain clients in your role, always dress in the same way you would when you have been dealing with them from a business point of view. There is no need to fix what ain’t broke!

  • Interviews- this is always a time to dress in your best corporate attire. It doesn’t matter that you may be working in a casual workplace once you secure the job. The impression you want to make is that you are respectful, enthusiastic and value the fact you may work for this particular organisation. You also want to show that you put the effort in. This displays a level of initiative, confidence and energy.

  • Workplace- once you commence working, you will have a good understanding of what the standard dress code is. Whether it be smart casual, casual or, uniformed, you still need to stick to certain rules. If you have a uniform, don’t leave buttons undone for example, don’t add ‘a personalised touch’ or don’t dress in a provocative way (unless of course you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder!! He he he)

  • External Meetings- treat these like a job interview! Wear your best corporate attire. You want to impress clients and this is your chance to shine. As a representative of your company, you want to show the best of yourself AND the company you are representing. YOU are your COMPANY!

AND Finally….

  • The Christmas Party – always dress up for a Christmas party in your best frock, your best suit, shirt and trousers! This is a time where you can add a bit of tinsel, a loud Christmas jumper, flashing Rudolf earrings and baubles all over the place! Be fun, be colourful and remember to have a Spellertini or two!

Ultimately, dress how you want, but in the context of where you are.

If you’re at a meeting, don’t dress like a clown and if you’re at the circus… lighten up a little.