Strike a Balance: SAP Careers and Parenting Prowess – Sabrina Litteri

Posted on August 2016 By Speller International
Strike A Balance Sap Careers And Parenting Prowess2

​Sabrina Litteri – SAP Change & Training Lead

Returning to work after time home with your child can hold mixed emotions – what were you most apprehensive about? What were you most looking forward to?

What I was most apprehensive about?

Missing firsts….first crawl, first word. Losing that close connection. Knowing that this is the time I will never get back.

Wondering how I was going to manage getting myself and a three month old ready and out of the door by 7.30am, seemed like an unachievable goal!

And changing the way that I work, gone were the days that time was no object, I needed to learn some time management skills quickly, to ensure I could still get the job done, and be out the office door in time to pick up the little guy from childcare.

What I looked most forward to?

Work life, project life. Engaging with adults throughout the day.

What challenges have your faced?

The first month was the hardest, I missed him so much. Mother’s guilt is real!

The challenges are endless – finding good childcare (does it even exist?), looking after yourself properly (remembering the simple things like eating!), staying healthy myself when he comes home from childcare sick and shares the latest germs with the household.

The biggest challenge is definitely the mother’s guilt. Feeling like I could do more, or do it better is a daily burden, which I am sure every mother feels, whether they work full time or not.

What is your best piece of advice to a returning to work parent?

Just when you think you are ready to step out the door, think again! There is always one more nappy change…

Leave your white shirts in the cupboard. You can get away with a bit of spew on you if you stick to darker shades!

Pick your work battles. It will all still be there tomorrow. Chances are your go live date is going to slip anyway(!). So make the most of your evening with your family.

Quality over quantity. Just because you are not around 24\7 doesn’t mean you can’t make it count.

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