Speller International – Launch FY16/17

Posted on August 2016 By Speller International
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​ Each year the Speller team get together away from the office for our team Launch. The purpose of the launch is to review the financial year just gone; we assess our recruitment statistics for the entire year that included many of the items we share with you in our Quarterly Crunch (link to QC section) plus lots of other stats that are recruitment specific – stay tuned next month for a synopsis of these stats.

We also assess how we performed against our 4 pillars which are the overarching topics for the goals we had for the year. Once we have reviewed the year gone, we then set goals and targets for the financial year ahead to ensure we maintain SAP recruitment excellence.

It’s a great opportunity for us to reflect as a company and a team and set our goals for the year ahead and once all the seriousness is done, it then becomes a great team bonding opportunity for us celebrate all our successes together.

Having our biggest number of deals last year in the history of Speller International, we flew the team to South Australia to hold our launch in the quaint little German-themed (we do specialise in SAP after all!) town of Hahndorf.

This year our key objectives centred around our 4 pillars;

  • The Speller Difference

  • Client Engagement and Resourcing Excellence

  • SAP Market Engagement

  • Empowerment & Overachievement

The Speller Difference

The Speller Difference incorporates our company values; Accountability, Passion, Loyalty, Honesty/Integrity and Collaboration and is really about how to best conduct ourselves during our daily interactions with both internal and external customers by providing not just exemplary customer service but going above and beyond to make our customers feel truly special.

Client Engagement and Resourcing Excellence

As the name suggests this pillar is all about how to service our clients and candidates to the best of our ability. We assess how we can maximise the knowledge and skills we have in the Business Development team and the Resource team and how these teams can work together best in order to provide exemplary service to our clients and candidates alike. We plan and put processes in place on how and where we can add more value to our customers and there’s a few fun competitions on the go to keep the teams on track.

SAP Market Engagement

With 16 years in the industry, we provide ourselves on being SAP market experts – but there’s no point having all of our SAP knowledge if we don’t share it. This pillar is about how we as a company keep abreast of new and emerging SAP technologies and how to disseminate the information we hold and how our consultants can share the knowledge they have, both internally but most importantly, externally to be able to provide advice to our clients and candidates.

Empowerment & Overachievement

Our final pillar, Empowerment & Overachievement is an internal focus for our team to take real ownership of their goals and targets. It’s about authorising each and every one of us to think, behave, take action and responsibility for our work in a way that compliments the team as a whole. And to overachieve we are going to complete these tasks above and beyond company expectation.

The day of training left us feeling energised and excited for the year ahead. We’ve touched a bit in recent blogs on accountability and productivity and the common theme in these is setting clear and concise goals and expectations. So our goals and plans are not forgotten when we return to work, many of the slides have been printed and displayed around the office for quick reference throughout the year.

And while Day 1 was jam-packed with reviews and plans, Day 2 was jam-packed with wine and spectacular views in the Adelaide Hills.

And in the evening we embraced the German theme and hit Hahndorf town in fancy dress…. Can you guess who dressed as who?

We are always looking for ways to enhance our SAP resourcing and recruitment services, and while we do conduct our annual candidate and client survey, any feedback at any time throughout the year is always appreciated!

How do you celebrate your team successes? Review the month/ quarter/ year gone? Do you set team/ company goals for the year ahead? We’d love to hear what you do….