Quarterly Crunch Q4 15/16

Posted on August 2016 By Judy Cole
Quarterly Crunch Q4 1516

​It’s that time again… the end of another quarter and it is actually the end of another financial year! To re-cap over our quarters for this year; we had a cracker in Q1, a not so good Q2 then an extremely busy Q3 (our best Quarter ever) – so how do you think we got on last quarter, the final quarter for the 2015/16 Financial year?

Well let’s find out:

We had an ok Quarter 4!

We hit the ground running with an awesome April but then everything seemed to slow down significantly.

So, let me share some of our stats with you so that you can read into as you wish. For your own comparison here is my Q3 Quarterly crunch.

As a recap, I give you our raw stats based on our actual sales for the quarter. I don’t share my own opinions or the reasons behind the results, nor do I draw my own conclusions from the data. Sometimes, especially in this online age, we hear too many opinions and it’s nice to be able to draw your own! However if you want it, then comment and ask!

So, let’s see how we went…

In regards to purely sales (Sales = people placed within the SAP field in either contract or permanent engagements), Speller International placed 12% less people in Quarter 4 (April, May, June 2016) than we did in Quarter 3 of the previous year (April, May, June 2016). We were also 15% lower than our previous quarter (Q3 – Jan, Feb, March 2015)

What are the top 5 roles we placed in the Quarter?

  • SAP Trainer

  • SAP BA

  • SAP Payroll Officer

  • SAP Project Manager

  • SAP Training Manager

FYI Last quarter (Q3 16) … It was;


  • SAP Trainer

  • SAP MM

  • SAP FICO (including SimpleFinance)

  • SAP SD

What % were permanent vs Contract in Quarter 4?

10% of the people we placed last quarter were permanent (or fixed term) and 90% were contract. Note; 26% of the people we placed in the previous quarter (Q3) were permanent.

How else can we measure how busy the market was?

While the number of people we placed is a good indication, it is not always the best indication for us to gage how the market is/was performing. We also like to look at the number of requirements we received from our clients (requirements = vacant job positions which we are engaged to work).

Let’s look at number of requirements that we got in during the quarter;

Speller International received a total of 121 vacant SAP job positions to fill throughout the quarter, compared to the previous quarter which was 151 vacancies. Those positions were across our 3 divisions (SAP IT, SAP Change and Training and SAP Corporate Services). 18% of those vacant positions were permanent or fixed term engagements and 82% were contract requirements.

Top 10 Requirements

  • SAP Technical Writer



  • SAP HR

  • SAP Payroll Officer (Super User)

  • SAP BA

  • SAP Project Manager

  • SAP Training Manager

  • SAP BI


FYI – the top 5 requirements from Q3 were;

  • SAP Trainers

  • SAP Change Manager/Change Analysts

  • SAP Project Manager

  • SAP BO (including BODS)

  • SAP Payroll Officer (Super User)

Most difficult skill set to find for Quarter 4 (In no particular order)

SAP TM (Transport Management)

SAP HANA Architect

SAP ABAP (with BRF+ and FIORI)




So that was our Quarter 4; our top placed SAP area, SAP skills most required and permanent vs contract data – all without a conclusion from me! It was a steady quarter for Speller International but unfortunate as we just much missed out on our annual target due to an unusual amount of roles going on hold in June.

New Roles/Skills Emerging

This Quarter , we saw continued hype around SAP SimpleFinance with more projects beginning to kick off, this has also been coupled with SAP ARIBA and SAP SuccessFactors with most organisations choosing to go S/4HANA starting with these areas. We also saw more roles evolving in the Transition Management and Service Delivery Manager arena.

Another year over and done with and another Quarterly Crunch completed.

I hope you have continued to enjoy reading this Quarterly Crunch which allows you to see what we actually did in the quarter without the “Sales Slant” we may add sometimes!! Last year I introduced the New Roles/Skills Emerging section to this blog, please let me know if there are any other stats that you would like to read about… if it is something we measure and record then I am happy to share it… please ask.

And please share your thoughts; what surprised you and what are your predictions for next quarter’s most placed and most required SAP areas?