3PM Zest!

Posted on July 2016 By Speller International
3 Pm Zest

The 3pm slump is a common occurrence in the office – you’ve had a cracking morning, popped out for some fresh air at lunch but when 3pm rolls around you’re feeling tired, unfocused and unmotivated… how does one overcome this? With 3pm ZEST!

To pick up the afternoon office atmosphere and spark up our motivation, the entire Speller International team has gotten on board with the 30 day squat challenge. At 3pm we all stop work, take off our shoes and make a big circle ready to squat. The first couple of days were a breeze but as the sets increased, we tried a few things to take our mind off the pain like counting in different languages or in silly voices.

Squats are a great exercise with many benefits including toning and strengthening your legs, engaging and strengthening your core and promoting mobility and balance. The best thing about them is you can do them anywhere!

For the Speller office, its been a great way to re-engergise the team each afternoon with a little exercise and a lot of fun, oh and our buns are looking good too!

So get your project team, department or even the whole office involved and give it a go! You’ll be surprised by the impact is has for afternoon motivation and productivity.