Work for It: Getting the Most From your Recruiter

Posted on April 2016 By Speller International
Work For It Getting The Most From Your Recruiter

​A great recruiter is like a Hollywood agent – they know everyone in the business and make sure the best companies are connected with the best candidates. So, as a candidate, how do you harness the power in your recruiter’s hands? Read on for our tips.

Honesty is the best policy

A recruiter needs to know they can trust you – after all, it’s their reputation on the line when they recommend you. Honesty with your recruiter will help build trust and starts the relationship on the right foot.

If you’re interviewing elsewhere, be sure to let your recruiter know. It’s natural that a candidate will meet with a few companies, and a good recruiter will encourage you to do so, but they need to know where you are at in your search to assist them in selling you to a potential employer.

Finally, be honest about the daily rate/salary you are seeking, including a minimum requirement. From a recruiter’s perspective, there is nothing worse than candidates seeking more money after those discussions have already taken place.

Timing is everything

Arrange a time to speak with your recruiter if they are busy, if you are keen to speak about the market and up and coming roles it may be best to arrange this call after 5pm for example as you will have the recruiters full attention.

It is not always possible, but try and meet for coffee face to face. If you are meeting at the recruitment company, try and make the meeting either first thing in the morning or around lunchtime and never show up unexpectedly. This makes you look more pushy than enthusiastic and you won’t be able get the quality time you are after with your recruiter as their day will most likely already be full of meetings and commitments.

If you are in the fortunate position to have secured an interview with a client, your recruiter will ask you to call them straight after the interview. Ensure you do! This reaffirms your commitment for securing the position which in turn gives your recruiter confidence in backing you 100%. They will then use this feedback and call the client straight away to give you the best chance at securing the role.

Communication is key

No one can give your recruiter greater insight into what you’re looking for than you.

Remember they are there to help you – so give them as much information on what you would like to do next, ideally suggesting some companies you’d like to work for and have not approached before or recently. The chances are your recruiter will know either the hiring manager, or the very least know someone who can point them in the right direction.

On that note, it’s important to know that a recruiter cannot represent you again to a client you have recently sent your CV to, so be upfront on what applications you have sent where. It can be frustrating if you have had no response from an application directly to a client, but the recruiter will be embarrassed if they send your CV again and they already have it. It will also diminish your value and brand in the market if multiple applications are sent.

Knowledge is power

Your recruiter has a wealth of knowledge – and they’re willing to share! Tap into their industry know-how, especially when it comes to salary benchmarking. It is always useful to have a good idea on where your current salary fits in with the marketplace as a whole – sometimes you could be asking for too much and price yourself out of roles, or sometimes you may be underpaid and may be able to get a little more.

Additionally, your recruiter sees CVs all day, every day, and they know what works – and what doesn’t. Ask for their suggestions on how to lay your CV out to ensure the best results, and don’t be shy about taking their advice!

Remember, your recruiter wants to help you find a role that is perfectly matched to you. That way they have a happy client and a happy candidate – the ideal result. Being honest, realistic and respectful will help you to make the most of your relationship with them and cultivating a partnership that could extend well into the future.