Speller’s Eggstravaganza

Posted on April 2016 By Speller International
Eggstravaganza Feature 1140x445

​And so it was, on the noon before Easter, the bunnies of Speller did depart
To drop off rich treats and chocolate sweets at LION, where we did start

Through the office we hopped dropping eggs on their desks, giving smiles and high fives on the way
For this was the first drop of plenty – the Speller gang would do this all day

In the city at Jemena they waited, for two bunnies called Dara and Matt
Who would skip in with a basket of choccies, a delight for all to look at

Then to the south two bunnies were stirring, bunnies called Mary and Scott
As Schweppes were the next on our hit list, with MMG as our next stop

With Mary and Scott there was a hip and a hop, bunny ears worn on-top and eggs all to drop, the end of this task was nigh
With Jack and Chris our visit was bliss with not one client missed and everyone full of treats said ‘Goodbye!’