Meet the Team – Judy Cole

Posted on March 2016 By Speller International
Meet The Team5

​Tell us a little bit of Judy Cole history?

Gee, where to start?! I left the UK when I was 18 to embark on a round the world trip. When I got to Australia, I stayed!!!

I lived in Sydney for the first 4 months where I worked in a call centre for 10 days and hated it! I tried to learn to surf and nearly died… the usual English person in Australia.

I moved down to Melbourne but when I arrived I tried to book a week in a hostel on my credit card only for it to be rejected! I had enough money for 2 night’s accommodation so the next day I got myself a job in door to door sales – commission only. I sold like the wind to try and afford my next night… and my next. I lived in the hostel for over a year before I managed to save up enough for the bond on my first apartment. It didn’t help that on Level 1 of my hostel was “The Joint”, a well-known dingy 24 hour bar!! I continued in door to door sales, selling credit cards for 2 years altogether when one day, in the middle of an industrial estate in Thomastown I received a call from Mr Speller himself asking me to come in for an interview.

What have been your key achievements in your time here?

Over almost 11 years at Speller International, I have been lucky enough to have been offered many opportunities, firstly learning what recruitment and SAP is all about. Next, I was given the opportunity to initiate and run a project alongside my normal role. Then I was promoted to Resource Lead where I was able to train and guide new team members. And when I needed a new challenge in my day to day role I took on the role of BDM/Account Manager as well as being a 2IC to Nick.

I have really enjoyed being a key part of a growing business; 11 years ago I joined an office we dubbed the “TicTac Box” with a team of 4, and we are now a team of 15 with 3 divisions and still growing, but most importantly, growing in the right way.

I am also proud of being asked to speak at Victoria University to the SAP graduates coming through, assisting with SAP market information and giving a few tips and pointers on how they can break in to the Australian market.

One of my other key achievements was initiating our Social Media strategy (our SAP newsletter/blogs/online presence etc.) I remember the conversations I had with Nick to get him on-board and I am now pleased that it is something that is in full swing and noticeably adding value.

In 11 years you’ve moved from Candidate Manager to Account Manager to National Sales Manager to Sales Director – what parts of the job do you love?

Haha… often the things I love about my job today are the things I will hate tomorrow!

Today, I love the challenge!

On the Recruitment side; I love trying to get in to new companies even though somebody tells me I can’t; I like working with a candidate to try and find them their next contract or permanent position; I like working with established clients to find their ideal person. I like that after 11 years of fundamentally doing the same “recruitment” job, I still get excited when I and/or the team make a placement.

I love the people I work with both internally and externally.

The Spellerites are a bunch of fun, honest, hardworking, talented and often incredibly emotional characters who also like to sing…which can make for an interesting and rewarding office!

Externally, the SAP network is awesome to be part of and I get access to some very interesting people from all backgrounds. Programmers to Program Managers, SAP Super Users to CIO’s to Supply Chain Managers – people from all different industries and backgrounds. One day I can be talking about predictive analytics and the next, troubles with master data. I have the opportunity to seek advice from people who I consider some of the best in the industry across many different aspects of business and leadership and for that I am very grateful.

And most of all I love that even in 2016, on a Friday afternoon, in recruitment it is still very much acceptable to crack open a beer or wine at your desk!

Where do we find you in your down time?

I like all sorts but generally Im catching up with friends over a wine and good food. I also like to go all Aussie and get out of the city now and again, sleep in a swag somewhere under the stars. I like to read fantasy books (I am currently making my way through Game of Thrones and refuse to watch the series). I may also be trying my hand at writing my own book but I am only 2 pages in! I love to holiday and could holiday for the rest of my life. In my head I like to surf and body board but in reality I am scared of being eaten by sharks so don’t really spend long enough in the ocean to learn…. I keep trying though!

What does 2016 hold both professionally and personally for you?

2016 is the year of development for me, both personally and professionally. I really want to extend out my networks and ideally try to get on a non for profit board. I have some ideas up my sleeve for Speller that may or may not happen but they need some investigation and research. In my personal world I am trying to sort out my “holiday for the rest of my life” strategy with various investments/ plans/ harebrained ideas, whilst also ensuring I take time to enjoy my life. I have a 4 ½ week holiday planned at the end of April to go back to the UK and see my family for the first time in ages then on to Barcelona, Sweden, Helsinki and Singapore.