New Year, Same You!

Posted on January 2016 By Speller International
New Year Same You

So much of the content we see around this time of year talks about ‘transforming yourself’ for the New Year: setting resolutions and making drastic changes. But, while we are all for setting goals for the year ahead (here are our 2015 New Year’s resolution suggestions that are just as applicable in 2016!) we don’t agree that a new year has to mean a ‘new you’. So how do you get new results from the same you? Take a look below.

Change to suit your own needs – not the market’s

If 2015 was a horrible year then by all means, make positive changes and set some different goals, however if your year was a good one, why not harness that to make 2016 a great one?

When the market is slower, once busy consultants can see periods of downtime, which can lead candidates to consider a change in direction in order to be more ‘marketable’. They are looking at trends of different areas in SAP and seeing what are the most popular areas, then using these trends to dictate changes in their career path.

They are deciding to change the course of their career to match the trend, rather than considering what skills might match well with their existing ones! In the process, they are ‘demoting’ themselves into more junior roles. Remember: if you start in a whole new field, even within SAP, much of your previous experience may not be relevant and you could find yourself in a far less senior role.

Consider training, but take the right path

As always, we believe that training and professional development is a great thing to include in your plans for the coming year. But rather than getting training in the newest SAP skill (which might not necessarily be linked to your current skills set), we suggest upskilling in your own field to leverage from what you already know. Keep in mind that this doesn’t just have to be technical skills: upgrading on soft skills or management skills will always benefit anything you do in your life, work or otherwise, so consider these pathways, too.

Make time your friend

Rather than changing yourself to achieve your goals for 2016, instead look at changing the way you manage your time. Focus more on things you excel in or that make you happy, rather than toiling away at things that you strongly dislike or are not very productive in. By focusing your time and energy into aspects of your work (and your life) that you flourish in, you can enjoy more productivity, greater achievements and a happier you. There will always be day-to-day things you don’t especially enjoy but can’t be avoided. Rearranging when and how you take care of these less enjoyable tasks can make all the difference.

New year, new viewpoint (but still the same you)

Ultimately, how you approach the New Year is up to you, but don’t be in a hurry to change things that are working well for the sake of a trend. Look for ways you can complement your existing skills and improve your overall ability across the board and you will find a new take on the same you that will be sure to attract prospective employers.