Redundancy: An Ending and a Beginning

Posted on October 2015 By Speller International

​Following the Global Financial Crisis in recent years, redundancy has become a reality (and a real concern) for many people working in Australia and around the world.

Where, in previous generations, a job was for life, today’s working people tend to change positions regularly, either by their own choosing or through redundancy, but many have decided to embrace the reality of the ebb and flow in company sizes and do their redundancy, their way.

Indeed, redundancy can be positive. While it is natural at first to be upset and feel betrayed when your position is made redundant, it’s helpful to see the positive side in the situation and, most importantly, to remember that your redundancy is not your fault. Redundancy is a response to changing markets and needs within a business and is not an indication of your performance.

Got it? Good.

Trying to see the positive side of something so seemingly negative can be challenging, so here is a list of benefits to redundancy that you may not have considered:

It gives you a fresh start

A redundancy can give you the shakeup you didn’t know you needed: to try a new role, or even a new career, or to look for a company that represents the positives of your previous employer – without the elements that lead to your redundancy.

It gives you an unexpected (and paid) break

Especially if you have worked for a long time at the firm making you redundant, you could be receiving a substantial payout. Use this opportunity to ‘take your foot off the pedal’: go on a family holiday, re-assess your priorities and give yourself space to make good decisions going forward.

You get access to advice you might not otherwise receive

When you are departing a role due to redundancy, partners and managers are more likely to offer real, honest advice. This can make a huge difference in informing your next career move. Similarly, due to the commonness of redundancy these days, many employers factor career counseling and professional retrenchment services as part of packages – make the most of these as the CV tips, networking info and other great insider knowledge provided here is invaluable.

Accentuating the positive in all aspects of your life leads to greater satisfaction and redundancy is no different. Remember: there is no stigma to being made redundant. Employers do not see it as a fault and it can mean a wonderful chance to look for your next dream job with a lump sum bonus! Look at redundancy as a chance: a chance to rethink your direction in life, a chance to ‘stop and smell the roses’, a chance to get ahead financially, a chance to spend time with your family and, most importantly, a chance to discover your true potential!