Planning Leave Whilst Contracting

Posted on August 2015 By Chris Oughton
Planning Leave Whilst Contracting

​When speaking with any candidate around the June/July time, what tends to be at the forefront of all their minds is one thing… Should I take break? Could I take a break? Is it a good time to take a break?

I can hear the exhaustion in their voices with the culmination of the past 12 months tight deadlines, late nights, stressful meetings, pushing deadlines to meet GoLive dates! These contractors have worked through blood, sweat and tears to make an SAP Implementation or upgrade a success and track on-time to create the desired outcome. With sleepless nights and families missed, surely NOW is the time for a break???

But there is always a hesitation with some candidates regarding this so called ‘break.’ Whilst some candidates are adamant they will be taking some time off and using this time to go overseas to unwind and recharge the batteries until the next big project in Australia or NZ, I find that these are the candidates who have been contracting solidly for 2-3 years and physically need the break or are at risk of burn-out!

So when is best to plan leave whilst contracting?

Firstly if you feel you do need a break, you probably do! If you are coming to the end of a contract at the end of June and the end of the financial year then this could be an ideal time to take some time off and head overseas or to where your ideal holiday destination may be!

Whilst the market will always be unpredictable what we do tend to find is once the new financial year kicks in, it can take some time to really get going and start to move as new budgets are set up and project time-frames are put in place. So it could be the ideal time to take some time off with minimal risk of missing out on the next big project!

We all understand and appreciate that bills still keep coming and that money is money, but it could ultimately end up being more costly to not take time off before jumping head first into the next big project!

We all need to remember that a holiday is a necessity that will assist in combating the stresses of work and our fast paced lifestyles. The difference we at Speller International can hear in people’s voices when they return after a nice long or even short relaxing break is obvious – they sound ready for their next assignment! In comparison, someone who has leaped from one project to the next is at a greater risk of burning themselves out, putting strain on their families and their health!

Our advice? Choose a date when you will go away and take the family/yourself on vacation and STICK to it! Know when or if you are likely to be extended and try to plan as best around that. And don’t forget to inform your recruitment consultant or hiring manager so if need be, they can put a plan into place.

Once you have committed BOOK the trip. Once all is paid for and relevant partners and/or kids are made aware of the up and coming holiday there is less risk you will cancel and less risk of you being drawn into another project.

We do however understand that not all projects or clients have the capacity to let a contractor go on leave. In these cases you could possibly plan a few long weekends throughout the year just to break up the stress. Generally, if you have a good relationship with your manager, are performing at a good standard, and plan ahead, you are more likely to be able to mutually agree upon a suitable time for leave so all parties are happy.

Once you return all relaxed, excited and pumped up for your next assignment, rest assured there will be a Speller International consultant who would like to hear all about the trip, and more importantly will be keen to find you your next challenge in the SAP space… until the next holiday!!