Ready For a Fixed-term Commitment?

Posted on June 2015 By Speller International
Fixed Term Contract

Ready for a fixed-term commitment? Here’s why you should take the plunge.

Whether you are eyeing a permanent role or happy to work on short gigs, you may want to consider a fixed-term contract should the opportunity come along. In the current market, they are becoming increasingly more popular with many companies, so while the money may not be as lucrative as your day rate, do look at the bigger picture. A fixed-term employee gets to enjoy more benefits than a short-term contractor with added job security. When you walk down the aisle with a fixed-term contract, you are pretty much promised the same benefits as a permanent employee, and the possibility of a happy ever after.

A Sense of belonging

You become part of a team and company culture. You get to know the people better, and they don’t see you as someone who is just passing through. Being in a company for a longer stretch also gives you more ownership over the work you do, which is infinitely more rewarding.

Full employee benefits

Usually, you only get paid for the days you work. On a fixed-term contract, you get to enjoy annual leave, sick pay and public holidays. You are also entitled to many other company benefits, often including team bonuses and incentives normally reserved for people on the payroll.

Less hassle

Get paid directly by the company, rather than having to manage your own administration, invoices, insurance, and boring paperwork.

Better opportunities

A fixed-term contract has the potential to become a permanent full-time role. Many of our clients have hired candidates on fixed-term contracts with the intention of offering permanent positions down the track.

Financial security

While day rates can pay you more in a short-term contract, there is no guarantee of subsequent contracts. You’re always chasing the next one. A fixed-term contract lets you enjoy the security of a monthly paycheck based on an annual salary for an extended period of time.

Whatever your career goals, a fixed-term contract can be rewarding in many different ways. If you would like to talk about the different opportunities that are available to you, we’d love to chat about your SAP aspirations. Go on, contact our consultants today.