Making the Call: When to Use a SAP Recruiter

Posted on May 2015 By Speller International
Sap Recruiter

Many businesses prefer to handle their recruitment internally and, often, this works out perfectly well. Sometimes, however, the need arises for an external recruitment solution. When is that time? Glad you asked. Tongue in cheek, we would argue always! But here are the most common reasons clients turn to us for SAP resourcing and recruitment:

When time is of the essence

It is very common for time constraints to play a major role in deciding to outsource recruitment. The pressures of a Go-Live requiring additional staff, the sudden departure of a key player in a roll out, or the start or end of the financial year can all add additional pressure to an already stressed scenario. When you have a tight timeframe, engaging with a SAP recruiter who can meet deadlines and still find you a quality candidate is the best option.

When you’re looking for a diamond

Sometimes what your business needs is a skill that is rare, new or just hard to find. Traditional forms of recruitment such as advertising on job boards aren’t always successful in sourcing rare or hard-to-find skills sets. If your own network is limited, this is where your SAP recruiter can make a big impact. Having a wide network that can capture even the rarest skill, mixed with a persuasive headhunting ability, will give you the results you need in no time flat.

When you’re feeling the pressure

‘Business critical’ can mean so many different things: a Go-Live is imminent, there are pressures from Senior Management to fill the position, your company cannot function without someone in the particular role, or something different entirely. In this instance, you don’t have the luxury of time to advertise or liaise with your networks yourself so handballing to a SAP recruiter and getting a timely candidate selection is both prudent and a great stress reliever!

When it makes sense money-wise

While in theory it might seem more cost effective to manage your own recruitment, at the end of the day, using a SAP specialist recruiter will save you time – and time equals money. The added benefit of using a recruiter is the safety net it offers, with benefits like replacement guarantees should your appointed candidate not be exactly what the company needs – an assurance you don’t get if you do it alone.

When you’ve exhausted your efforts

You might have gone to market, sifted through hundreds of resumes, interviewed and finally offered the role to the perfect candidate… only to have them call a few days later to renege on their acceptance. The situation is now turning business critical and you need someone to start Monday. This is when you need your SAP recruiter to step in with fresh eyes and a wide network to find you the right candidate who is committed to the role.

Do you manage your own internal recruitment? Do you always outsource or does a combination of both approaches work at your organisation? We would love to hear your feedback on what works for your department or company.