SAP, Bro! How’s SAP Life in NZ?

Posted on March 2015 By Chris Oughton
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I grew up in the United Kingdom. While it is a fantastic place to live for many reasons, the dreary, cloudy weather and rocky beaches aren’t exactly the stuff of dream vacations! When I moved from the UK to the sunny shores of Australia three years ago, I thought the move would be for keeps.

What could another country possibly offer me that I can’t find in the aptly named Lucky Country? This was the perfect place for me… Or could New Zealand offer me something more?

To understand the thinking that could lead to such a move, first we need to set the scene. With 2015 well underway, a pattern seems to be emerging in terms of requirements for SAP Change, Training and Documentation resources. This pattern stemming from the sheer volume of organisations in New Zealand currently implementing SAP this year alone. Those companies currently implementing SAP also seem to be deciding that now is the time to upgrade to newer versions or updated solutions. In a nutshell, the SAP industry is booming in little old NZ!

Any Project Manager worth their salt appreciates the sensitive and technical nature of these rollouts and will understand the need trusted Change Managers, hardened Training Managers and Technical Documentation consultants to assist through the implementation.

So how does this relate to a move to the mild oceanic climate of beautiful New Zealand? Simple: as the SAP industry continues to grow across the Tasman, more and more SAP professionals will find themselves presented with career opportunities there.

But, career opportunities aside, why choose New Zealand? Australia really does seem to have it all, so what could tempt a SAP professional away? 

Well, for starters New Zealand is in close proximity to Asia and Pacific Rim markets making travel to these places easier for work.

Additionally, New Zealand has a smaller population. This allows for a faster advancement of your career as the more people you know, the more opportunities you will find, laying a fantastic foundation should you ever wish to make another move or return to Australia. For those hoping to return home after their stint in New Zealand there is another, more recent advantage as well. The strength of the New Zealand economy of late has meant a surge in the value of their dollar, bringing it almost to parity with the Australian dollar so, even if you are being paid in local currency, you are taking home an equivalent salary.

But what about life outside of work and finances? Let’s not forget the relaxed and informal lifestyle on offer when you finish your day. Or the fact you can enjoy the highly quality food and wine on offer. Or for the outdoorsy can enjoy the adventurous sporting activities along with accessible recreation and outdoor activities. I really could go on and on! 

Who wouldn’t want to get ahead in their career in a country where one third of the land is national parks and the climate is mild and temperate all year round? Who wouldn’t want to spend their free time in boutique but vibrant cities populated with young professionals with lots of potential, or walk the uncrowded streets in a safe, honest society with one of the lowest levels of corruption in the world.

And if all that wasn’t enough, just remember this: New Zealand’s life expectancies are among the highest in the world. 

Still need a reason?