Quarterly Crunch Q2 14/15

Posted on January 2015 By Judy Cole
Quarterly Report

​Each quarter, Speller International has a “Team Day/Quarter kick-off” where we review and analyse the previous quarter’s results and statistics and assess how we are tracking against target. This year we want to share some of this information with you.

The quarter report will include the pure stats… no opinions…. no conclusion, just the facts.

Interpret this information how you will, we would love to hear what you conclude from the information below.

In regards to purely sales (Sales = people placed within the SAP field in either contract of permanent engagements) Quarter 2 was the best quarter Speller International has had in 2 years and our joint best quarter ever. We placed 43% more people last quarter than we did in quarter 2 of the previous year (Sept, Oct, Dec 2013).

What are the top 5 roles we placed in the quarter?

  • SAP Data (Data migration, master data)

  • SAP Basis

  • SAP Payroll (Officers – Corporate Services)

  • SAP Trainers

  • SAP BI

What % were permanent vs contract?

24% of the placement we made were permanent and 76% were contract.

How else can we measure how busy the market was?

While the number of people we placed is a good indication, it is not always the best indication for us as to gauge how the market is/was. We also like to look at the number of requirements we received from our clients (requirements = vacant SAP job positions which we are engaged by our clients to source candidates for).

Let’s look at number of requirements that we got in during the quarter;

Speller International received a total of 134 vacant SAP job positions to fill throughout the quarter; those positions were across our 3 divisions (SAP IT, SAP Change and Training and SAP Corporate Services).

18% of those vacant positions were permanent or fixed term engagements and 82% were contract requirements.

Top 10 requirements

  • SAP Project Manager/Program Manager

  • SAP Data (Data migration/Master Data)




  • Payroll Officers

  • SAP Testers



  • SAP Technical Writers/Documentation

Most difficult skill set to find? (In no particular order)




  • SAP QM



  • SAP SuccessFactors

So, there you have it! What can we draw from this? Was there anything that surprised you? We would love to hear your thoughts on the above. The next Speller International Quarterly Sales Report will be completed within the first 2 weeks of April and will show our results of Quarter 3 (January, February and March 2015) We can’t wait to see if SAP Data, SAP BASIS and SAP Payroll Officers are still at the top of our Sales boards!