New Year’s Career Resolutions

Posted on January 2015 By Speller International
New Years Career Resolutions

​ New Year is the time to make resolutions and set goals. While it’s great to make personal commitments to improve, like quitting smoking or getting fit, it is equally important to make good resolutions in terms of your career.

Resolutions are often related to things you want to change but it is just an important, if not more so to consider some positive, aspirational goals as well.

When setting goals, focus on what is within your control and be specific about what it is you want to achieve, then put actions into place. A clear goal sets a clear path to success – if your goals are clear, what you need to in order to achieve them will be clear too.

Compile a detailed list of both short- and long-term objectives, making them realistic and reachable. By breaking down a large goal into smaller ‘bite-sized’ chunks, you will feel like you are actually getting closer to your goal with every passing day, rather than making a tiny bit of progress towards something seemingly distant.

Whatever your goals, here are a few tips that will help steer your career in the right direction and hopefully help you tick those all important goals off the list for 2015:

Find the time

No resolution or goal is going to be achieved without time, dedication, and focus. If you are trying to further your career or secure a new job, find a way to carve out the hours necessary to attend networking meetings, training courses, and search for new leads and contacts. Establish goals and set aside the time it will take to accomplish them.

Get connected

In a small niche market like SAP, establishing a professional network is paramount and not just for finding a job, but also for establishing yourself as part of the community. We understand that networking can be easy and enjoyable for some and painful for others but online social networking such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter make it simple and straightforward to connect with people. But you need to do just more than connect, don’t just add someone on LinkedIn and then forget they exist! Comment on posts, share information and connect further by joining online users groups/discussion boards to truly become part of the SAP community. On the other hand, if you’re more of a face-to-face person, join SAUG SIG meetings for your skillset, and other SAP networking events.

Training and development

Many networking events can double as training and development (such as the SAUG conferences held in most Australian capital cities) but there are a range of SAP training available in addition to other more personal development, like communication and leadership training. Every successful professional requires training and development at various stages in their career to remain current, particularly in the ever-evolving world of SAP technology. Keep an eye out for more on this later in the month when we explore importance of upskilling.

In closing, it is important to remember that your own efforts will be a direct influence on your results. By compiling a solid list of realistic goals, dedicating the appropriate amount of time and by implementing the right kind of actions, you can successfully achieve your 2015 resolutions. Good luck!