Nick’s Corner – October

Posted on October 2014 By Nick Speller

September marks the end of Q1 and what a busy quarter it has been! Our Sales Director, Judy has been travelling this month and I have resumed the role of staff manager and motivator while she has been away. I also attended the SAUG Summit up in Sydney which was a great couple of days and a fantastic opportunity to spend time with our NSW clients and candidates in a relaxed atmosphere – you can read more about that in our blog on the Summit.

Those who know me understand how important quality is, not only to me but to the way business is conducted at Speller International. It is because of this that we have embarked on a vital quality initiative project. Part one of the project is to commence the process of internal auditing to become ISO9001 certified, after recently attending a workshop on the upcoming changes to the quality management system with the release of the IOS900-1-2015.

The second stage of the initiative is to assess whether or not we are meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders. In the coming weeks, we will be conducting brief online surveys on customer satisfaction for both our clients and our candidates, with the aim of using the feedback obtained to provide the best possible service. 

Should you receive one of our surveys, we ask that you take 5 minutes out of your day to answer them honestly. All responses will remain 100% anonymous and we are hoping for constructive criticism on every aspect of our service as we embark on this genuine process of improvement.