Making a Christmas Break: Is it Really a Bad Move to End your Contract in December?

Posted on October 2014 By Scott Anstey
Debunking The Myth Ending A Contract In December Is Bad Blog Speller

​No one wants to be out of work over the holidays. That’s the reason why, when we talk to candidates about contracts that end in December, we often get a negative response.

While this is understandable, we think the December-ending contract might be getting a bad reputation for no good reason. There are some genuine advantages to finishing a contract at the end of the calendar year. Here are a just a few:

  • It’s not really the end: Even if your contract is expected to end around Christmas, we often find that clients will extend into the new year even if just for a few weeks to cover permanent staff on Christmas leave or summer holidays.

  • You’re in demand: If you are available towards the end of the year, you would be a rare commodity. As outlined above in relation to covering holiday leave, there is often opportunity to secure a temporary role or short term contract over the Christmas and New Year period. This works well for people who are after something to keep them going until a more permanent opportunity comes up in the New Year.

  • Enjoy a break: If your contract does indeed finish up in December, you get the opportunity to take some time off to spend with your family and friends during the festive season. So often contractors don’t get a lot of opportunity to take time off during the year and the added benefit of doing it during the Christmas period is that your family and friends are also likely to be around.

So there you go. Breaking away from some of the clichés surrounding December-ending contracts could help you get an edge over competitors, enjoy some much-needed rest (at the same time as loved ones!) and earn a little extra cash while you are jobseeking. Worth considering a Christmas breakup? We think so.