Ring in Spring with a Personal ‘SAP Brand’ Refresh

Posted on October 2014 By Speller International
Rejuvenate Your Sap Brand

​Winter is officially over – hurrah! And while the garden is busy rejuvenating itself with green leaves and colourful flowers, it’s a great time for you to do some rejuvenating of your own. As an SAP consultant, each and every one of you has your own personal “brand”. You are a walking embodiment of your brand, but you also advertise it in your CV, and all social media channels. When was the last time you actually looked at your brand and assessed its true representation of the person (and the SAP consultant) you actually are?

While the idea of a ‘spring clean’ isn’t an original one, it certainly is a great excuse to dust off the cobwebs of your brand and give it a fresh new look. So, where to start?

Spring clean your CV – whether you’re jobseeking or not

Even if you’re happy in your current role, it is important to regularly update your CV, rather than waiting until you start applying for roles. The year is three-quarters over and there is no doubt that its been a busy one. You might have completed a big project, taken on some new challenges or learnt new skills. Adding these to your CV now means those projects, achievements and skills are fresh in your mind – the ideal time to present them in the best light.

Make sure your achievements get their day in the sun (on LinkedIn)

While your LinkedIn profile shouldn’t be a replica of your CV, anything new you add to your CV should also be represented in some form on your LinkedIn profile.

You can do this through editing your ‘Experience’ section, not just with text but presentations, media files and website links. Remember to always obtain company approval when sharing information produced for your employer. Revisions of your CV can also be updated in the ‘Skills’ section. And don’t forget the other items that make up your personal brand, such as contributions to publications, charity work, training courses and certifications.

As we’ve talked about it the past, having an update LinkedIn profile is especially important for an SAP contractor as prospective employers and recruiters search LinkedIn daily for contract resources. SAP is an ever changing environment, and more often than not, certain skills are required to attain a role – if these are not reflected in your LinkedIn profile it is possible you will get overlooked.

Let the new season be one of privacy

What you get up to in your own time is your own business, but in a digital age, googling prospective employees is becoming common practice. For sites like Facebook who constantly update versions, settings you thought you had in place might no longer be active. By checking these you can make sure to keep your private life private.

The birds are tweeting again – time to check your Twitter bio

When was the last time your reviewed your twitter bio? If you’re like most people, it was probably when you signed up. When people look at your account, it’s one of the first things they see, so make sure how you’re portraying yourself in those 160 characters actually reflects your true brand.

New season, new look, new photo

Every social media forum gives you the option to include a photo. If you’ve had a nice one taken this year, use it! Your face is the most identifiable part of your brand so your photo should be professional and up to date.

And if you really want to start the spring off right…

If you have a little more time to dedicate to the spring clean, you can go a step further by reviewing groups, influencers or people you follow on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter and cull those that are no longer an interest to you, or ones that don’t align with your brand.

Happy cleaning!