Nicks Corner – September

Posted on September 2014 By Nick Speller

​This month we are celebrating the careers of two of our long term contractors and I would like to personally thank them both for their work over the years and their loyalty to Speller International.

Sen Suparman
We want to congratulate Sen on almost 10 years contracting with Speller International at Orica. Back in 2005, SAP Business Warehousing skills were incredibly scarce so our search took us to Sen in Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting his contract in April 2005, he migrated to Australia with his wife and two children for a 6 month contract which he finished almost 10 years later on 29th August 2014!

Not only is Sen one of our highest achieving contractors regarding his quality of work, he is also one of our most dedicated on the job based on time spent at work, doing 6+ days per week for the extent of his Orica contract. It has been an absolute pleasure for myself and Dara Dennis to work with Sen, such an all-round nice guy and possibly the best named contractor in the SAP industry!

Malcolm Scott
We also want to congratulate and wish all the best to Malcolm Scott who is retiring after almost 10 years contracting with Speller International at Shell Australia. Starting out on a Plant Maintenance project, Malcolm worked various roles, fulfilling each and every one at an outstanding level. Having recently semi retired to Tasmania, Malcolm is now focused on full time retirement on the Apple Isle after finishing his contract on 22nd August 2014.

We would like to sincerely thank Malcolm for his time as a valued member of Speller International and at Shell Australia. He was an instrumental part of solidifying the relationship between Speller International and Shell Australia and as part of their SAP team.

A few final comments – I do feel so very privileged to work with our talented SAP contractors but it’s especially nice to celebrate our loyal, dedicated, passionate contractors who have been part of the Speller International family for so many years.