Back to School – Speller @ Victoria University

Posted on May 2014 By Speller International
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​For the past 3 years, our National Sales Manager Judy Cole has been invited to present to Tony de Thomasis’ class at Victoria University. Throughout the semester students are given access to guest speakers who are key players with the SAP community.

With a focus on ‘breaking into the SAP market’, Judy’s presentation is typically saved for the last class of the course in order to help prepare the students for what they may expect when kicking off their SAP career….and provide helpful tips. 

The presentation includes information about the state of the current SAP market, a guide to salary and contract rates, contract length, key projects around Australia and key consulting houses. Most importantly, she also provides advice on how to apply, approach and interview for roles. 

Judy’s commitment to the Victoria University presentations is based on the importance of trying to assist new and upcoming talent. Having arrived in Australia as a 19 year old and knowing nobody, she has always been grateful for the support, advice and tips she received from so many people. Help which has enabled her get to where she is today. With a strong belief that you should always “pay it forward”, it’s her way of contributing to the community.       

It is fitting then that Judy’s presentation fell in the week LinkedIn asked 80+ Influencers on lessons from their youth titled If I Were 22. While the actual ages of the VU students in this class varied, the sentiment of completing studies and preparing to carve out a career in a new industry is the same.

 What career advice would you tell your 22 year old self?