Happy Easter from the Speller International Team

Posted on April 2014 By Speller International

Whether you part-take in the religious traditions of Easter, use the time to spend with family and loved ones, or just appreciate a very very long weekend…..

HAPPY EASTER from the Speller International Team!

Since its beginnings, Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting, behaviours which we are especially partial to here in the office. Members of our team got out and about in the name of celebration and visited our newly appointed Melbourne-based contractors. Instead of congratulating them on the new role with the usual cup of coffee, we got into the Easter spirit with chocolate bunnies – and we even had a little suggestion on how best to consume it:

Best Bunny Ears

  1. Cut the head off

  2. Fill the head with Bailey’s liqueur

  3. Drink it!

  4. Eat the bunny

NB: Works best if chocolate bunny is chilled first. No live bunnies were harmed in the making of this blog