Job Seekers, Get Social!

Posted on March 2014 By Speller International

​Yes, yes…it’s fun to be out and about like a socialite…but that’s a topic for another article on another blog!

We’re talking social as in “social media” and its benefits for job seekers in the modern age. This article is the first instalment in a series where we discuss the value of each social network for job seekers, in order of priority.

If we were going to nominate one social network that requires mandatory attention from job seekers then that would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the most popular and effective social network for recruiters and hiring managers, simply because it has the largest and arguably most accessible database.

Rule number 1 for job seekers on LinkedIn is to have a complete profile. Your profile’s visibility is directly related to how complete it is. If it is not complete it has a vastly reduced chance of showing up in a recruiter’s search results. To find out if yours is complete simply go to your profile and LinkedIn will tell you its level of completion and the steps you need to take in order to complete it. Also, when you’re looking for work we suggest you make as much content available on your “public profile” as possible, by going into your privacy settings.

Here are some additional advanced tips for your profile:

  • For extra visibility use keywords that you expect recruiters to use when searching, in your headline and summary.

  • Enhance your profile with rich media: PDFs, PowerPoint files, videos, etc. that may demonstrate your work favourably. These are very effective in making your profile stand out.

  • When writing your summary you are allowed to take a more casual tone (don’t simply copy and paste your cover letter here). Also, remember to focus on your achievements and use concise language.

  • Ask your network for skills endorsements as this greatly enhances your profile’s chances of appearing in search results (tip: the best way to get endorsed, is to endorse others first).

Your next mission on LinkedIn is to build your network of connections. Whilst the number of connections you have isn’t the most pertinent part of your profile to recruiters, it’s also not very impressive if you don’t have many at all. Also, the larger your network the more visible you will be inside LinkedIn. Don’t forget though…it’s not just a numbers game, focus on the quality of your network too.

Participation on LinkedIn is also very important. Adding value to your connections by posting useful content and information as a status update can go a long way towards earning you credibility and showcasing your professional persona. You should also consider joining groups and making a meaningful contribution inside those. Groups can be great places to network, especially if you can add value to that community.

Stay tuned to next month’s article in our “Get Social” series when we discuss the ins and outs of using Twitter as a Job Seeker.

In the meantime if you want any more LinkedIn tips leave your questions in the comments section below and our team will do their best to assist.