Nothing is Forever, But Permanent Employment Can Have Its Perks

Posted on February 2014 By Speller International

So, you are part of an illustrious group; you’re an SAP consultant and you’ve got the skills to pay the bills. You’ve worked hard to gain your experience and qualifications and now you’re in demand.

One of the major decisions you face throughout your career as an SAP consultant is whether you work as a contractor and enjoy certain freedoms or whether you seek the security of full time employment.

At different times, one or the other may be more suitable to your dreams and aspirations; in this article we explore the ins and outs of permanent employment…because knowledge is power.


Safe and Sound

Your first milestone in employment is to successfully navigate your probation period. From there your destiny is in your own hands much more so than a contractor’s. It’s great to have Fair Work Australia as your friend looking over your shoulder. If you meet the requirements of your job, Fair Work Australia will back you up with some robust laws governing redundancy and dismissal. Your tenure with any given employer is very much something you can control simply by doing a good job.

Who Said Life is Like a Box of Chocolates?

More than anyone, employees do know what they’re gonna get.

Knowing when you get paid and exactly how much…knowing when you can take holidays (and that you’ll get paid while you’re sitting on the beach) and that you’ll get paid when you come down with the flu can be pretty handy when planning life.

Please Sir, Can I have Some More?

Don’t forget a range of other possible benefits…such as additional leave loading, paid parental leave, long service leave and more.

Who Said What Goes Up Must Come Down?

Ahh, the annual review. Gotta love it.

Typically the longer you stay with a company your salary will go up because of structured reviews and other common incentives like bonuses and promotions.

On the other hand, as a contractor moves between roles his or her daily rate can fluctuate unpredictably.

A Better You

Because companies typically view employees as longer-term assets they are more willing to invest in their professional development.

As your employer helps you improve and excel in your job you move closer to new opportunities with greater rewards; such as moving into leadership roles.

Being Part of “The Office”

Wouldn’t it be cool to be in the TV show? But that’s not what we mean…

…We mean belonging to a team; an environment of peers where relationships and even friendships are much more easily established when you are an employee.


Security Can Sometimes Have a Price

This one is simple; benefits as an employee come in different shapes and sizes and often your take home pay is less than a contractor’s.

You Go Dancing on the Ceiling

Most positions within organisations (especially larger ones) have a salary ceiling. Yes, you can move up (or down) within that ceiling but in order to break through it you will likely need to earn a promotion. Contractors on the other hand tend to have a little more leverage to negotiate a higher rate when demand arises.

Workin’ for the Man

Often, but not always, you have less say in the type of work you perform, your team and the projects you work on as an employee. Unless of course, you’re the boss!

It’s Not You, It’s SAP

Generally the SAP industry tends to favour contract positions for various reasons. Depending on your area of specialisation, permanent positions can be rare to secure. A contract position can sometimes open doors towards full time employment, but that’s more the exception than the norm.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these views? Any others to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below