Announcing Our Shiny New Website!

Posted on January 2014 By Speller International

We are very proud to have launched our new website last December which was designed especially with you, our valued visitors, in mind.

Everything about how we help and service your needs is outlined for you in these pages. Whether you are an Employer, Job Seeker or current Contractor you can easily navigate a dedicated section to meet your needs. Of course, we also encourage you to contact us directly if you need assistance.

In 2014 we also look forward to regularly posting valuable content to our blog and social media channels. In fact, we’ve made a head start already, have you had a chance to read our latest articles? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section should you have any feedback or wish to share your opinions and ask us questions.

To finish off, here’s a little bit of trivia. Do you know what a “responsive” website is? We certainly didn’t until we embarked on this exciting project. Our website will “respond” and adapt to any screen size or device to offer you an optimised experience whether you’re at the office on your desktop or enjoying our blog on the tram on the way home.

So, thanks for dropping by and enjoying our new website. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.