Why Speller International?

Speller International is one of Australia’s largest and most respected SAP recruitment companies. We are specifically dedicated to the SAP market, with the aim of offering SAP candidates the best contract and permanent/executive SAP opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.


For those interested in the variety and flexibility that SAP contracting can provide, Speller International can offer you some of the most exciting and prestigious roles. We have a supportive and knowledgeable Candidate Management Division to guide candidates through the job search process, contract negotiations and the start date. There is then ongoing Contractor Support for the duration of your contract. When your assignment is coming to an end, the process starts all over again, following our structured recruitment methodology.

SAP Job Listings

Apply for the latest SAP positions available through Speller International

Recruitment Methodology

At Speller International, we follow a custom-built and tailored SAP recruitment methodology with professionalism and sensitivity. Our quality assurance procedures ensure you are supported before, during and after the placement process, providing you with open, honest and constructive feedback.

Salary Rates

Speller International offers a guide to SAP salary rates for permanent positions and SAP hourly rates for contract positions across IT, Change Training and Corporate Services.

Advice, Tips and FAQ’s

Find some advice on preparing your CV, preparing for your interview and read some frequently asked questions here.