Speller International is 100% dedicated to offering specialised SAP resourcing, recruitment and consulting services across all vertical, horizontal and segmented market sectors. Basing our relationships on mutual respect and inherent integrity with outstanding customer service, we have a trusted reputation in SAP recruitment. We have long and well established relationships around Australia and New Zealand.

A selection of our valued clients are:


KPMG NSW, Vic Since 2001
Village Roadshow Limited NSW, Qld, Vic Since 2002
Orica NSW, Vic Since 2002
BHP Billiton Qld, WA, Vic Since 2004
Cement Australia Qld Since 2004
Lion NSW, Vic Since 2004
Rio Tinto Qld, WA Since 2004
Visy Industries Vic Since 2004
Jemena Vic Since 2005
Pentair (Tyco) NSW, Vic Since 2005
Linfox Vic Since 2006
MMG Vic, International Since 2006
AGL NSW, Vic Since 2007
Landmark Vic Since 2007
Schweppes/Asahi Vic Since 2007
Sinapse Consulting NSW, Qld, Vic Since 2007
Leaseplan Vic Since 2008
Reject Shop Vic Since 2008
Lodestone/ Infosys ACT, NSW, Vic Since 2009
RMIT Vic Since 2009
Bureau of Meteorology Vic Since 2010
Fonterra Vic, NZ Since 2010
Environmental Protection Agency Vic Since 2011
Dulux Vic Since 2011
Spotless Services Vic, NZ Since 2011
AusNet Services Vic Since 2012
Capgemini Vic Since 2013
CTH Department of Human Services ACT, Qld, SA Since 2014
Medibank Vic Since 2014