Moving with the times – the year in review

Where did the year disappear to? It’s the end of the financial year already and time for me as a manager to reflect on the company/team performance, to review the SAP market and to put new goals and plans in place for moving forward.

What’s up with the Cloud?

Whether you’re a hardcore tech warrior or a simple smart phone user, it seems these days you just can’t escape the Cloud. It’s everywhere you look.

CEO’s, cold concrete and a confronting experience

Last night, in that icy wind, I slept on the hard concrete floor of Etihad Stadium with over 100 other CEOs in Victoria. It wasn’t so much the cold that bothered me, but more so just how hard and uncomfortable a few pieces of cardboard on concrete really was.

nick speller - speller international

Nick’s Corner – June

Last month I mentioned that we have been busy reviewing our administration processes. Always keen to make things as streamline as possible, our Office Manager Shannon Matthews has been working …

Change Management and Training – Achievable Even on the Tightest Budget

Over the years I have recruited SAP staff (contract and permanent) for many different companies across many SAP Implementations. As a recruiter I have had the opportunity to observe from a distance and unobtrusively, how differently SAP projects are managed. As a trusted adviser to a few, a sounding board to others and practically invisible to many more I have learnt a lot from people about what makes a project successful and what factors have contributed to a failed project.

SAUG Brisbane Conference Takeaways

Last week Nick Speller and our NSW/Qld Account Manager, Jack Bland attended the members-only SAUG Brisbane Conference . We always enjoy attending the SAUG conferences as it’s a chance to catch up with SAP professionals around the nation and of course keep abreast of the changing technologies and focus within the SAP community.