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Is there a talent shortage of SAP Payroll Officers?

Recruiting in the SAP Corporate Services sector is extremely diverse and (in my opinion!) interesting. It offers the opportunity to work across a multitude of disciplines and candidate skillsets, securing our clients SAP users to manage and execute their business-critical operations.

How Women are Succeeding in SAP

This past week we received an email from one of our clients seeking to increase the number of female SAP staff in their organisation. The email was focused around the nature of the wider statistics around women working in SAP…

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Nick’s Corner – August

Its been a busy July ‘14 here at Speller International, for some of which I was away on leave. It was great to return and have the office humming along under the management of Judy Cole who I am proud…

Lunch Breaks

The Miracle of Lunchtime

If you’re getting slammed at work, sometimes a break is the furthest thing from your mind but while it might seem counter-productive to step away from you desk for a few minutes, taking a break is the best thing to do when things are crazy on the job – for you as well as your productivity.

Teamwork in the office

The Benefits of Talking Back: What Questions Should a Candidate Ask in an Interview?

“NOW, DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR ME?” It’s the question interviewers always finish up with and the one our minds so often go blank on. You know we had questions, loads of them, but what were they? They were there a minute ago! Where once a hundred questions lay in wait, a single tumbleweed blows through the ghost town of your mind…

A Project Managers “Climbing Expedition”

I am a SAP Project Manager and have worked in several engagements with Speller International. In my spare time, I love to climb 8,000m mountains in Tibet and Nepal. “Why do you do it?” is probably the most common question I am asked by customers, colleagues and friends alike. Before answering the question, I’d like to share with you my “Project Manager” take of an 8,000m expedition: I am sure you will be blown away by the incredibly high number of similarities with a classical SAP project.

The Year at Speller

The year of 2013-2014 at Speller International has brought new innovations to the company, many new permanent placements and contractors to the Speller family and has seen us working for yet another year with so many clients, some new but mainly those who we have had a long standing relationship with from day one.

Moving with the times – the year in review

Where did the year disappear to? It’s the end of the financial year already and time for me as a manager to reflect on the company/team performance, to review the SAP market and to put new goals and plans in place for moving forward.

What’s up with the Cloud?

Whether you’re a hardcore tech warrior or a simple smart phone user, it seems these days you just can’t escape the Cloud. It’s everywhere you look.