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Job Seekers, how to become a SAP STAR!

The STAR method is a structured and highly effective approach to answering what can often be tricky questions in job interviews. Specifically, the STAR method will help you excel in answering behavioural interview questions.

Active vs Passive Candidate – can you tell the difference?

Once upon a time, a person was either job hunting, or they weren’t. If they were job hunting, they were pouring through job advertisements, engaging with recruitment agencies and sending out their CV to anyone and everyone. If they were not job hunting, not only were they not doing any of the above, but they weren’t even thinking about any of the above.

Vinnie’s CEO sleep out 2014

Vinnie’s CEO sleep out 2014 Since 2006, CEOs and Directors have been braving an Australian winter night outside for the annual Vinnie’s CEO sleep out. Starting out as a local community venture in Sydney’s Parramatta, the event went national in 2010 and has raised over $13 million of important funds for Vinnie’s Homeless Services to directly assist people experiencing homelessness.

Job Seekers Get Social on Twitter!

Welcome to the third instalment in our “Job Seekers, Get Social” series. Social media provides a crucial set of tools for job seekers to promote their personal brands, network with people of influence, and generally stay informed.

Breaking Into The SAP Market

Having been in SAP recruitment now for 9 years, probably one of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I get in to SAP?”

Girl in interview

Not Just Another Article on Interview Tips

Interview tips are a dime a dozen across the web. Our mission on the Speller Blog is to convey advice and information that cuts through…so, we recently asked our consultants for some of their top interview tips, without any fluff.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear Bundle

Speller International is making an exciting foray into social media. It’s another place where we can put our clients and candidates first; bringing you all fresh, interesting and valuable content.