‘Tis the season to… Network! Making the Christmas party work for you - speller international
Speller International Christmas party 2015

Speller’s 2015 Christmas Party

Speller celebrated the year with 200+ SAP members. There were candy canes, tinsel & Santa hats galore, Spellertini’s, merriment & a questionable dance floor

‘You Shall Not Pass!’: Security Clearances in SAP - Speller International
Understanding SAP mobility - Speller International

Understanding SAP Mobility

The Speller Team got the ins and outs on SAP Mobility which forms part of the SAP “Holy Trinity” along with Cloud (Ariba, SuccessFactors, other) and HANA.

Meet the Team at Speller International

Meet the Team – Jack Bland

Energetic, enthusiastic and adaptable, he’s an invaluable member of our resource team with worldwide experience. Meet Candidate Manager, Jack Bland.

QUARTERLY CRUNCH – Q1, 15/16 - SAP - Speller International
Redundancy: An Ending and a Beginning - speller international

Redundancy: An Ending and a Beginning

Discovering a positive side of something so seemingly negative can be challenging, we outline some benefits to redundancy that you may not have considered.

Meet the Team at Speller International

Meet the Team – Chris Oughton

Meet our SAP Recruitment Consultant, Chris Oughton. Heading up the SAP Change, Training and Documentation Division, he joined the Speller team in August 2014, bringing over 7 years recruitment experience and a big smile.