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Speller International SAP consulting

Speller Consulting Services

As one of Australia’s largest SAP specific companies, Speller International is 100% focused on SAP resourcing, consulting and recruitment services.

SAP Certification

SAP Certification – The New Normal

Lately we’ve observed some notable trends in accreditation. Rather than simply being a tick on your CV, SAP Certification is an increasingly important asset

The Rise of Fixed Term Contracts in SAP
Bleeding Edge
Introducing the SAP Customer Engagement Manager - Speller International

How many hearts?

The rules are simple, there’s not much to learn. So guess right and guess true and we send the whole jar plus tickets for two!

office romance - yes or no?

Workplace Romances: Yes or No?

Given we spend roughly thirty years of our lives at work, it’s no wonder when people fall for an office romance. But are they ever a good idea?

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