How to get the best out of your banking as a Contractor?

As anyone who has ever taken on a contract knows, there are pros and cons to the contracting life. After a decade in banking and loan approvals, Brad Lister shares some of what he has learned to help you navigate your professional finances when contracting.

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5 tips to get your SAP CV ready to ship!

We’ve all been there. It may have been a month ago, or five years ago, but at some point we’ve all had to sit down and construct – or refresh – the old CV. Here are a few tips to get your SAP CV ready to ship!

Quarterly Crunch - Q2
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Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Brad Lister

Meet Brad Lister. Running on 90% Coffee, this well travelled foodie will bring even more enthusiasm and expertise to the SAP Account Management team.

5 Steps to making small talk easy

5 Steps to making small talk easy

Remember that small talk is an art that can be learnt, and sometimes it can make the difference between landing a job, and earning the respect of your peers

Speller Christmas Party 2017

After another big year in SAP for Speller International, our Christmas party went off with a well-deserved bang last week – and we have all the photographic evidence!