Speller Christmas Party 2017

After another big year in SAP for Speller International, our Christmas party went off with a well-deserved bang last week – and we have all the photographic evidence!

Christmas comedown
bang your drum - SAP trainers

Bang your training drum!

Everyone learns differently, so it is imperative that organisations choose the right training methods for their staff… but what makes a good SAP Trainer?

Meet the Team
3 signs it may be time to move on - Speller International
Meet the Team

Meet the Team – Amanda Masters

Meet our newest Speller team member, Amanda Masters. This new mum from the mighty Murray region joins our number crunching team in Payroll/Accounts support. 

trifecta skills
SAP Testers
SAP jobs in Adelaide

In Adelaide- you’ve got it made!

We’ve seen an increase in demand for SAP consultants over the last twelve months. And it’s coming from somewhere you may not expect: Adelaide!